Monday, November 12, 2018
Curtain Up Phoenix


Stray Cat Theatre presents a smashing Southwest premiere of Bekah Brunstetter’s stellar play, “The Cake,” that cleverly dissects and explores today’s disputes regarding acceptance and tolerance. Using a same-sex marriage to explore this pithy issue, the play is an excellent testament to today’s perplexing challenges while the playwright integrates this often touchy discussion with much comic levity.

Katie McFadzen’s brisk staging keeps things light as the issues are dissected and Aaron Sheckler’s marvelous set allows the play to shift swiftly between Della’s bakery and two bedrooms where the issues get discussed with both small town simplicity and big city understanding.

Jodie Weiss is impressive as Della possessing both a heart that yearns to understand but can’t get beyond her long held beliefs.  Della’s attempts to spark her husband into action are quite humorous and Weiss uses these moments to keep focus on both the difficult issue while enjoying the comic mayhem these moments provide.  Megan Holcomb is a stalwart Jen and Racquel McKenzie is a worldly Macy.  Christopher Haines is a staunchly opinionated Tim, Della’s stuffy hubbie.

“The Cake” is an amazingly funny but telling play that continues through November 24.