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Saturday, December 15, 2012
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"Wolves" at Stray Cat Theatre is not to be missed. What an incredible show and supremely talented cast. Insightful, daring, hilarious and awesome!" - JD

"...congratulations on a unique, enjoyable and thought-provoking production!" - JH

"wonderful show, excellent performances - do not miss!!!" - YC

"This isn't just a dark comedy. Or a black comedy. It's a black hole comedy. It pulls you in and there's no escaping. You think you know where you're going. But you don't. It's a ride that you won't forget. You laugh, you are shocked and then realize that you didn't expect where it takes you. The cast and script, with brilliant direction, takes you to a very funny place...and then a very dark and messy place. Very messy. But you love every minute of this journey. See it. And you will be shocked at what you will find at its final destination. Not just on stage." - EC

"Wolves" at Stray Cat Theatre is a 'must see.' Thought provoking, disturbing and yet wickedly funny. Kudos to Ron May and his splendid cast!" - JW

"Congrats Stray Cat Theatre on the opening of WOLVES...wonderful direction by Ron May with fierce performances all around !" - KM

"Such a great show last night...Congrats to Steve Yockey on his clever writing, to Ron May for bringing the words to life, and for the cast who left their hearts on the stage. It was night of edgy, captivating theatre, and my friend from NY talked about how much she loved the play for the entire car ride home. Everyone grab your tickets to Wolves. This show is too badass to miss!" - ER

"Wonderful opening night, y'all! Impressive is the word that comes to mind. Everyone...skip grandmother's house and get out there to see Wolves!" - BS

"Wolves" is quirky, amusing, and disturbingly provocative. Not to mention that the acting is brilliant. I wish I hadn't seen it yet so I could see it again for the first time. I can't see it again for the first time - but if YOU can, you should. Seriously." - PL

"What a phenomenally fucked up fairy tale. Dark, disturbing, brilliantly acted and directed. Well done Stray Cat!" - WR

"Wolves at Stray Cat. Mother of Genius. Between Steve Yockey's twisting words, Ron May's direction, and performances that are crazy amazing from Yolanda, Tyler, Sam and Adam, holy amazing." - BU

" is funny and disturbing and MAN OH MAN did I see myself in those characters. Yikes." - LQ

"Go see "Wolves" at Stray Cat Theatre. Awesome script, Awesome direction and an Awesome cast. A must see show, really! You will kick yourself if you miss it." - DW

"Local theatre goers: you NEED to go see Wolves at the Stray Cat Theatre. I just attended the opening show and it was AMAZING. Everyone involved in the production did a phenomenal job. Definitely go. It's an amazing piece of work." - ET

"Seriously, go see Wolves at Stray Cat Theatre. Amazing show. Amazing actors. Amazing everything." - OZ

"Very intense play. The acting from the four characters was outstanding. A little bloody, but some humor thrown in. Great play by a great playhouse! Highly recommend." - goldstar review

"Loved this!!!! That show was amazing. I've never been to a play before and now I can't wait to go back." - MJ

"Crazy story, amazing acting, led by a TERRIFIC director. So. Well. Done." - KC

"That was fucking amazing." - TM

"I just want to say before I go to bed that Wolves at Stray Cat Theatre was some really fucking good theatre. Four fantastic actors communicating viscerally onstage. Go see this show. It runs again next weekend if you can't make Sunday. There's sexy gay men, pecs, sassy black women, wolves, biceps, alcohol, blood, more pecs, and fierce shoes. Work." - AC


"Wolves was brilliant! Many congratulations to all involved. Well done!" - ST

"I saw Wolves last night and want to say Congratulations to the AWESOME Cast & Crew!!! That was some heavy craziness." - PB

"Wolves at Stray Cat Theatre is an intensely hot fairy tale. And gorgeously acted." - AH

"Absolutely sensational!" - JM

"Go see "Wolves" @ Stray Cat! SO intense! SO cool! Really great cast! Blown away!" - HF

"One of the best shows of the year." - RC

"WOW...Mr. Ron May, you have done it again...the cast was crazy good (crazy is the key word)!!! Def put it on your xmas to do list before it's too late!!" - KK

"Powerful writing,acting and directing. Stray Cat does not shy away from tackling the hard stuff and Ron May have masterfully engaged the many levels exposed in this play. Do not miss this brilliant piece of art." - goldstar review

"Go see Wolves at Stray Cat. Seriously, it's one of the best shows I've seen in such a long time. Support the arts and blow your mind." - TS

"Holy shit! Go see WOLVES! Adam Pinti, you can blow my house down!" - CF

"WOLVES at Stray Cat Theatre will blow your mind! Sam Wilkes is incredible!" - MT

"Wolves Thanks for a riveting, thought-provoking and kick-ass piece of theatre." - IW

"My brain is still swirling the day after seeing WOLVES." - DB

"Great show, great writing, great directing...not to be missed." - BB

"I really enjoyed Wolves last night. It was badass." - TI

"Wolves was phenomenal. Truly, awesome. I enjoyed every twisted moment of it." - CB

"It was amazing in so many ways...all of Phoenix should see it and have a therapy session afterwards." - JB

"Congratulations to Ron May and Stray Cat Theatre for a memorable and disturbing production. WOLVES will stay with me for a long time. Props also to the cast and to the boiler of the blood.... (and whoever had to mop up every night!) Thank you all for the reminder that "there's nothing to fear but..." - PS

"Incredible show tonight...Went to see Stray Cat Theatre's "Wolves"...So fucked up & wonderful. Truly great work. Thanks Ron May so producing such incredible pieces of theatre for Phoenix!" - FG

"Loved the show. Fierce. Hot." - AM

"WOLVES gave me a horrifying thrill and a sick, nervous feeling about life and love...and I kinda loved every minute of it!" - AF