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Sunday, February 3, 2019
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"Two Mile Hollow was as deeply funny as it was an indictment against extreme classism and skin color. I laughed, I cried, and I genuinely felt the weight of my family history. The best show I have seen so far from Stray Cat Theatre ! Bravo!" - DT

"This show had me on my ass. Erin Kong is mos def the “Queen of Comedy!” If you don’t catch this show during their last weekend, you’re a Joshua Donelly." - AL

"Super weird and fabulous and fun!! Kudos" - JW 

"We saw this show twice and absolutely loved it. It’s provocative, it’s thought provoking, it’s hilarious. I think there is only one more show, but if you can go see it tomorrow night, I highly recommend it!" - DD

"This show was so good! And I got to be treated to a post-show discussion to boot!" - VK

"Bravo to you all!! Another excellent night of wild, funny and thought provoking theatre!" - EP

"Two Mile Hollow... if Christopher Durang and George F Walker wrote a play together, it would be this one." - DW

"Holy shit, that show was hilarious! Loved it!" - ER

"OK, so I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. We just saw Two Mile Hollow last night and...had an absolute blast. You just know how to make your theatre company land a punch and make an impact, and I just respect and admire the shit out of that." - TY

"Loved it!" - DD

"Hilarious!" - JR

"Very funny and thought the actors did a good job." - JD, goldstar

"Go see this amazing, hilarious, ridiculous, and poignant play before it’s gone! I laughed the entire time—loved the satirical writing and the ridiculously quick and fun pace of the show. Hell of a play - awesome writing!" - JP

"We saw another terrific Stray Cat production of "Two Mile Hollow," By Leah Nanako Winkler. -- The wealthy Donnelly family is selling their beach house. Still reeling from the death of the father, a famous movie actor, his second wife, Blythe, her daughter, Mary, and the two sons by the first Mrs. Donnelly, are reliving old hurts. Also present is Charlotte, personal assistant to Christopher who has followed in his father’s footsteps and is an actor, made famous by a character he played in a TV series. The Stray Cat cast was skilled at getting the humor from each bizarre character, and the production was beautifully directed. The play is about a lot of things: sibling rivalry, racism, TV fame vs. movie fame, wealth vs. working class and sexual politics, to mention a few. The play also includes a lot of quotes from famous authors and playwrights, which I particularly liked, and references to several movies. Did I mention that it is very amusing? It is. Another unusual play excellently produced by Stray Cat." - BO

"Worth every penny." - DJW

"Loved it!" - DB

"Seriously, just go see it!!" - IW

"Saw it last night... this show is fantastic!!" - MD

"Loved it so on Opening Night that I’m back tonight and bringing a friend." - AS


"'s very funny, it's very smart...and it's incredibly well acted" - BU

"It was absolutely fantastic and the entire cast is amazing." - RM

"Great performances!" - goldstar review

"I just had a chance to see this amazing production. If you live in Arizona, you should make tome to see this show and support local theatre. I cannot recommend this show, or the people who worked on it highly enough. Seriously, do yourself a favor. See this play." - CI

"TWO MILE HOLLOW #straycattheatre is hilarious (laugh out loud often) and poignant as it eviscerates white privilege with piercing and unapologetic lampoon.  SEE IT." - DB 

"This hilarious, irreverent, quirky play is written by a woman POC and has an all POC cast!...Check it out!" - AF

"Intermission and I already want to see it again! So freaking funny!" - AK

"WeLLLLLL!!!!!  I am having a great January jump into 2019. Part of that is GREAT THEATRE. This production. Clever, entertaining, so hilarious your eyes smart, the actors, Louis, again the set, costumes, sound, makeup, lights, and every. single. person. .....  and feeling created as the lights go down til they go back up. I could just go on and on but I will stop now. Guarantee you are going to fly away with a full belly of laughter and heart satisfaction. Congratulations Stray Cat and to ALL involved. You are amazing!!" - DL

"I had the privilege to see Two Mile Hollow on opening night! I'll confess, it took me about 20 minutes to "get it," but it was fantastic and the second act really delivered! Treat yourself to some really thoughtful hilarious theatre!" - JD

"Go see this! So much fun! Great production! Wonderful cast! Congratulations all!" - AC

"The show was amazing, laughed my ass off. Excellent job, Kane Black!!!" - LO

"Extremely hilarious and superbly acted!! Another great play from a great theater." - DF

"Went to Stray Cat to see Two Mile Hollow an interesting show with lots of laughs!" - WH

"Here’s my review... it’s freak’n funny (adult funny), you will laugh tons, you should all go see it!" - GC

"Very funny... yes, the privileged are out of touch & often not worthy. They are sad, carbon based bipeds full of self-loathing. Oops, said to much." - JJ on goldstar

"Hilarious and great acting. Another great job from Stray Cat" - goldstar