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Monday, November 7, 2016
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"Run don't walk to see Stray Cat Theatre and Ron May in Mike Daisey'sTHE TRUMP CARD at Tempe Center for the Arts. Amazing piece of work." - RR

"If you want to see a delightful, innovative, creative, passionate portrayal of Mike Daisey's 'THE TRUMP CARD' by the eclectic and oh- so-inspiring Ron May, go see It at Tempe Arts Center next weekend. So many take homes and lasting images of Ron doing stuff and inside his material, and, you will wonder what (for me in a new way). . . What is going to happen after 11/8. Great theatre with impact. Stray Cat love." - DL

"Went to see The Trump Card fabulous Ron was outstanding please do not miss" - YC

"Dear Phoenix and surrounding areas: Go see "Trump Card". Stray Cat Theatre. Ron May. All the amazing. You. Are. Welcome." - JT

"Well my pulse just went up, just saw the Trump Card starring Ron May my fng sweet little black Jesus... go see this show ... Ron is a great story teller it is funny, genuinely honest and a reality check.... excellent show you still have a couple chances to catch it ... don't miss this" - SL

"There are a few theater "rules" I follow. One is to NEVER miss an opportunity to see Ron May on stage. He is performing no in Trump Card at Tempe Center for the Arts. Do not miss it. He is amazing!" - JD

"Ron May friggin KILLS this like OJ and you MUST see him. He is able to lift-lift-lift you so high and then, immediately and without warning, he just lets you free-fall. It's really quite masterful. See Stray Cat Theatre's The Trump Card at Tempe Center for the Arts - trust me." - NJ

"Locals: you absolutely *must* go see the ever-magnificent Ron May get his one-man show on in TRUMP CARD as part of a Stray Cat Theatre bonus. Today and next weekend at Tempe center for the Arts. It's amazing. Be there." - MM

"Ron May freaking kills it in The Trump Card. Kills it. One moment I was laughing and the next, all the air was sucked out of me by the harsh reality. This happened dozens of times. Powerful performance, masterfully crafted in a brave and beautiful one man show. #mustsee" - JR

"Three times now have I seen Ron May perform THE TRUMP CARD and three times have I then walked up and down Tempe Town Lake for hours to shake it off or process or grieve or not sure what. I mostly stop here and look out at the water and the lights and the bridge and the wood railroad above me and how all un-Arizonan it all feels. I think about how I can run away or how much work that needs to be done or everything and nothing. But mostly I just "sit and watch the stars go out one by one." - WH

"If you don't require escapism with your theatre, you dislike checking your brain at the door, you are willing to endure a few sucker punches to the gut, and enjoy watching an actor live and breathe and inhabit a script, do not miss Ron May deliver his knockout "The Trump Card." Hard to sit through, in spite of the many laughs, because of the truth all over that theatre. Bravo. Thank you for the oily words and the unsettled feeling in my stomach." - BJF

"Poetry in Motion: The spoken word in a one-man show. I thought I knew everything there was to know about this candidate. But there is so much more. Oh, there's way, waaay more. The Trump Card runs only two weekends..." - LD

"I was fortunate enough to see...Ron May in The Trump Cardlast night, and it was just as funny, poignant, and intelligent as I'd hoped. You better see it or you will seriously regret it." - JK

"We went to see The Trump Card Stray Cat Theatre last night. As a Trump supporter, I have a thick skin. As a smart human being, I knew what the content was going to be.
The script is well-written, often funny, and Ron May delivers the outstanding quality of performance we've all come to expect and treasure when he takes the stage." - RM

"Tonight, I attended the opening night performance of The Trump Card. It was mesmerizing. Ron May had me groaning, laughing and in awe as I learned about the history of one of our two presidential candidates. Katie McFadzen's direction was so on point. I seriously didn't know if I was supposed to be astounded by the brilliance of this game or by America's gullibility for falling in line. I know my way conservative, Republican friends (yes weirdly I have a few of those) may not enjoy it as much as some of the undecided, libertarians, and liberal Democrats. However, everyone would learn something new - oh and be entertained by the one and only, Ron May." - MT

"Home from the theater. Stray Cat Theater's "The Trump Card" A one man show staring Ron May. In a word fantastic! It will give you an insight toTrump that will have you amazed...So get yourself to this show. You're gonna love it. And by the way, leave the kids at home." - SS

"Beautiful (and ultimately ever so disturbing) performance tonight in the Daiseylogue..." - JM

"...beyond amazing. Thank you." - RH

"MIND. BLOWN. I learned a lot." - DB

"We saw "The Trump Card" on Saturday. Ron May did Mike Daisey proud. He was terrific in the one-man show. It was very funny, but had a really sobering ending. Hope it wasn't, but fear it was, prophetic." - BO

"It was very different from what we expected. We expected to be laughing, but this was theatre that makes you think too. It hurt a little bit, but in a good way. Well done!" - JF

"Just got out of Stray Cat Theatre's The Trump Card. It's always great seeing Ron May step into Mike Daisey's shoes! A painful and frustrating (for the right reasons) indictment on how complicit so many of us have been in getting to next Tuesday, told with a healthy dose of humor to help the medicine go down." - TS

"Really, really enjoyed this!  Whenever Ron May hits the stage, color me there!  Humorous, informative and thought provoking.  3 more chances to catch this.  I highly suggest you check it out." - DH

"Stray Cat's The Trump Card is absolutely brilliant, and Ron May is phenomenal. See this show!!" - EB

"Ron May is absolutely brilliant in this one man show. You will be laughing your ass off one minute, and questioning everything you know in the next. PLEASE go support this show and have some fun!" - RM

"Thanks Ron for doing this show! I loved it and it should be mandatory that all voters see it." - GH

"Everyone should go see this show either tonight or Sunday night. Its so raw and real that if you don't laugh you'll cry; and you will laugh! Especially with the election coming up come take a critical look at what we have all created.
(and Ron May fucking rocks it!)" - ZF

"Seeing Ron May tonight in Stray Cat Theatre's presentation of Mike Daisey's The Trump Card was great. If you have asked yourself, "How did we get here, how the hell?" then you should see this production. Great, great work, Ron" - KB

"Congrats to Ron May and the Stray Cat team for a disturbing and thought provoking night of theatre...Go see it!" - KB

"I've gotten to that point in my life where I stop giving out compliments or raving about shit shows. I hardly EVER give standing ovations. Let me tell you that Ron May in Trump Card made me get out of my seat and give a standing O. Everyone should see this show. It's crucial to the times we are living in now. Undecided voters especially should see this show. Fantastic job Stray Cat Theatre." - OC

"Thank you Ron May for putting on the most necessary and important performance I've ever seen. I'll be thinking about this one long after the election is over. Fantastic job!" - RA

"Please do yourself a huge favor and see this piece...It's hilarious at times and quite nerve-racking, but so important nonetheless." - VC

"Great show...truly inspiring and thought provoking.  Captivating." - RG

"Ron May. Truly inspiring performance. Thank you so much!" - RJ

"Last night, I had the honor of seeing Ron May perform a one-man show about the guy who at least 10 of you on my friends' list are voting for tomorrow. It was as hilarious as it was enlightening. Hardly any of the information that was highlighted in this show has been covered in the media." - LK