SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ for THE SPARROW - opening weekend

Sunday, September 25, 2011
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"The Sparrow soars at Stray Cat Theatre!" - NC

"...really cool show...really visual...very fascinating...intimate, thoughtful kind of experience that really makes you realize just how impactful a work of drama can be." - ML

"THE SPARROW is a remarkable evening of theatre! CHECK. IT. OUT." - DD

" know that high you get when you go to an amazing live performance? That was how I was after that show...really an amazing piece. Don't miss?" - BU

"Wow. Just saw The Sparrow at Stray Cat Theatre. AMAZING! Go see it or you'll kick the s**t out of yourself for not going." - JK

"We saw the opening of THE SPARROW last night. Ron May demonstrates his talent and vision AGAIN and his direction and concept of this moving story is brilliant. The cast, crew, set, props (you'll know them when you see them and Alfredo Macias is a prop design talent that will astound you) come together for a moving and touching experience. You need to see this." - EC

"The Sparrow at stray cat was just beautiful. go see if you have a chance." - CW

"...a delightful night of theatre. I very much enjoyed Sparrow, its penetrating plot, characters and magical themes." - PY

"Go see...THE SPARROW at Stray Cat - it will fly away with your heart." - KO

" of the most beautifully staged shows I've seen in a while." - TS

"Loved it!" - LC

"...beautiful show!" - EM

"The Sparrow...another Stray Cat show not to be missed!" - BN

"Way to go, cast and all. We loved the whole thing. Well acted and flawless. You guys always do it with such class. We're looking forward to the next offerings." - LG