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Sunday, October 11, 2015
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(Even if the initials are the same, each quote is from a different patron...)

"A moving, relevant, and irresistible tour-de-force performance by two incredible actors. This is one of those rare pieces that holds the mirror up to the reality and forces its audiences to take a good look at the uncomfortable truth of how we carry and portray ourselves in the digital age. At once both hilarious and heartbreaking, "Sex with Strangers" will get its hooks in you and leave them there long after you've left the theatre." - AN

"Sex With Strangers: This excellent play, about sex, art and commerce in the digital age, is proof that Stray Cat Theatre is the most exciting group in Phoenix." - BO

"Saw SEX WITH STRANGERS last night. It was "thought provoking, jaw dropping and super steamy. Go see it! Last chance to see this shocking, relevant and quality chance to see it will be in Tucson. 2pm today at the Herberger!!!! Don't walk, RUN!!!!" - MT

"I loved this production! I enjoyed the concept of how people struggle to find love in an age of social media, and how technology affects our response to how we communicate with one another. I read some mixed reviews about this show (which I expected), and the majority of them seemed like they came from uneducated and uncultured people who did not even scratch the surface of what the show was really about. Reviews such as 'it was about 2 people arguing about their martial problems' or 'too much profanity' or 'the show should have had more than 2 actors.' REALLY PEOPLE?!?!? These are completely unjustified reviews! Open your eyes and your minds just a little bit and maybe you would learn to appreciate the show, or ANY show!! I would not recommend this show to someone who has a narrow-minded perspective, or no perspective at all. Sex with Strangers builds awareness to what is occurring in our world right now." - goldstar review

"...I was overwhelmed by some pretty awesome storytelling..." - BK

"Thank you for an exciting theatre experience. In sixty years of being in theatre or a loyal supporter, I have seen hundreds of productions. SEX WITH STRANGERS is among the best. The writing was brilliant, the acting was excellent, and Ron's directing was flawless. GREAT JOB!" - GO

"One of Stray Cats' best ever! Kudos to everyone!" - DT

"just saw the closing of sex with strangers. holy fuck this was a good show. and it gave me lots of emotions. well done, cats. wow." - CW

"Saw it sun afternoon = as w/ anything that Ron May is involved in, well worth your time... on the whole, the play & the actors, will leave you thinking. bravo!" - DW

"This is a thought provoking piece. I am glad my husband wanted to go see it. We thought about it a lot, and discussed it on our way home to Prescott. I think their having sex on their first meeting complicated and confused their true feelings for each other. I am sure she was flattered that a 20s something found her desirable. I think she was right about her eventual evaluation of him as a misogynistic asshole, and not the kind of person that would make a good husband/father. But she did get what she wanted from their relationship. I am not so sure that he got what he wanted, except for the sex. I would like to hear about others' thoughts about the play. This is my kind of play. Entertaining to watch and provocative with something to say about male/female relationships." - AW

"Sex with Strangers was beautifully displayed on a gorgeous set, and was delivered expertly by its uber talented cast of one hell of a dynamic duo. The director (per usual) has outdone himself yet again! It was sexy, and provocative, and at times hit a little too close to home which means it was a home run for my fave theatre in the valley (Stray Cat). If you're tugging on my heart strings, and making me launch into discussion the entire drive home, it usually is a pretty good indication that you NEED to see this play." - CB

"Definitely stellar performances by Heather Lee Harper & Tyler!!! Ron May has done an excellent job with this very engaging play. Loved the set & lighting too." - AG

"Phoenix peeps...GO SEE's amazing with superb acting!" - PJ

"It's a great play - thought provoking, funny, smart. All the things you want to see onstage. If you haven't seen it, go!!! So much of what's onstage is the same old, same old! Go see something different!" - MW

"Really was an awesome play. The two actors did such a great job. Well done again Stray Cat Theatre." - DF

"Sex With Strangers is amazing! I had the pleasure of seeing it several times and the story is fascinating, direction sharp and the actors show such intense chemistry along and subtle range. I took different people to each show because this is a show that encourages after show conversations." - JDL

"Just got back from Sex with Strangers. - It was a really awesome production. I'm not a Theater critic, so please interpret my comments in the best possible light. It was a beautiful yet simple production. Only 2 actors. The caliber of acting was very high. It felt like I was watching Ryan Reynolds/ Tom Cruise and/or Elizabeth Shue/ Clair Danes live on stage. There were some REALLY Beautiful moments. This collaboration of Stray Cat and Arizona Company was top notch. Plot line: Tucker Max (I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell) meets a real literary talent and sparks fly. I won't spoil the ending tho. Go see this play!" - BM

"Do yourself a favor and go watch "Sex with Strangers." The play is beautifully directed by Ron May, acted exquisitely and the conversations that result from the themes presented are deep and meaningful." - MQ

"LOVED IT!!! Fantastic work from all involved! And, hot...Congrats!" - KK

"Brilliant...Great Seats too - thank you!!! (My husband)'s reaction during the standing ovation, "Far and away my favorite!" - CL

"Thinking about the play I just saw. Sex with Strangers. Ron May has hit it out of the park again." - JT

"I got to see the show last night and enjoyed it very much. You did a fine job and the production values were first rate! Thanks so much for your great work!" - TT

"Really great play! Loved it." - ST

"The Actors were terrific and the seats were perfect. The overall experience was very much to our liking. We enjoy the Herberger, and the production was very well done!" - goldstar review

"Ladies and gentlemen, Sex with Strangers is a must see. Like for real. This story was everything for me. Wonderfully acted and beautifully designed. Congrats Stray Cat Theatre." - EB

"Sex with Strangers at Stray Cat Theatre was so damn good. The show was sexy and funny and endearing and upsetting and moving. Heather Harper is just the most thoughtful and stunning actor and Tyler Eglen is just about the most charming man out there. Well done theatre by the whole team all brought together by Ron's artful direction. Still thinking about the show today. It gave me so many thoughts and ideas. May need to go again. Loved it!" - SW

"It was a purr--fect way to kick off a new season!" - RS

"oh. go. go. go. go see SEX WITH STRANGERS. Heather Lee Harper and Tyler Eglen are pretty stellar, fire and longing and vulnerability, where love is a tango between the virtual and the real. and for anyone in love with books, i've met some of the authors they talk about, and fantasized about meeting some of the others. this work engages the whole body. Ron May's direction makes for a thrilling evening. Yep.this go see this!" - CD

"I died and went to sexy heaven!" - AK

"Run to go see Stray Cat's production of Sex With Strangers, directed by the ever amazing Ron May. Funny, smart, and wonderfully acted. Playing at the Herberger. Buy tickets today! - CR

"...if you are here in Phoenix, or are planning on being here in Phoenix go and see this show. It is Amazing. That is all." - PB

"...FANTASTIC opening! Do not miss this smart and sensual production!" - AK

"I don't know that I have experienced a show where I identified with the characters so closely as Sex with Strangers presented by Stray Cat Theatre in association with Arizona Theatre Company. Thank you Tyler and Heather for being so honest and wonderful and human. There are show moments I have kept to myself because they were so personal and spot on!! If you're in Arizona, put this show on your list. DO NOT MISS IT!!!" - JS

"I was able to attend the opening with my wife and we both loved it and are still talking about the show with our friends and how they must see it when it comes to Tucson in February." - BB

"Congrats to Stray Cat Theatre...on an electric opening night! Sex With Strangers is fantastic, exciting, delicious...a must see. Go, go, go! - KM

"Last night I had the pleasure of seeing #SexWithStrangers. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful this show is. The script is amazing. Tyler Eglen is a charming, dreamy, hunk of an actor. Heather Lee Harper is stunningly beautiful and ferociously talented. I am officially the President of her fan club. Ron May and the entire Stray Cat team have truly outdone themselves with this one. Please, do yourself a favor and see this show. You won't regret it....blew my mind." - YL

"So much tantalizing beauty, raw energy, and laughter. Arizona Theatre Company and Stray Cat Theatre have molded into an amorphous, sexual gorgeousness. Be a Peeping Tom and make your way to this production. Taking place at the Herberger Theatre Center, downtown Phoenix. Heather Lee Harper and Tyler Eglen deliver bone shivering performances that will leave you to consider one thing. Can Sex with Strangers be good? Directed by the coolest cat, Ron May." - DB

"This is a must see production! Truly an amazing show! I can't stop talking about it." - SW

"Wonderful play. Highly recommend. The acting was superb!" - TL

"What I saw up there last night, I'm still was something far more superior, and the production values were SICK. I'm still letting it marinate. We were lucky to have been in the audience last night. The energy alone... WOW. What an AMAZING PRODUCTION....I was trying to articulate this earlier, (and I still might not be able to...) it was more of a 'moment' of clairvoyant transcendence, or something über-meta (not as über-meta as typing "über meta') When you are sitting in said moment, and you witness that moment when things turn and you see the future of what 'will be?' When you can say "I was there" at the event that changed the history of an organization when that organization became an institution and then a legacy? Yep. I was there." - DB

"Totally impressed! Amazing actors, fabulous writing and on point direction! LOVE!!!!" - MT

"I almost can't find words I think it's so good. Seriously. It's fantastic. And about so much more than I even realized." - BU

"If you are in Phoenix and want to see a great show take the time and GO! This is an entertaining play with great acting and energy." - TF

" should go see Ron May's version of "SEX WITH STRANGERS." Tyler and Heather *kill it*." - JG