Social Media Buzz for PLUTO (updated 3.9.15)

Sunday, March 8, 2015
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(Even if the initials are the same, each quote is from a different patron...)

"Thank you for your production of PLUTO. Stray Cat is brave to bring us something so brilliantly-written and gut-wrenching and unusual. Love and purrs to everyone involved." - DG

"Break a leg, seen the show twice, it's a beautifully written play with a gorgeously talented cast, technical genius and direction is on point. Chills just thinking about it." - DJ

"PHENOMENAL show, you sweet kitties! excellent job by all, really stellar script by Steve Yockey, and kind of the best stage entrance ever for Michael Peck. so good." - CW

"I was most certainly not ok, after the show...The last 5 minutes. Yeesh...I am so much better for it though. Excellent work all around. #allthefeelings #last5minutesdestroyedme" - DB

"Everytime my sister drags me to the theatre, I feel all classy and shit. Like I got culture or somethin'. Thank goodness she drags me to the good shows. (Aka Pluto is good. Really good. If it wasn't closing tomorrow I'd tell you all to go see it.) (Actually, go see it anyways.)" - SR

"Saw this show last night and ITS A MUST SEE! I was deeply moved...I loved it and every actor captures you!! Go check this out." - RW

"We loved the show last night! All of the actors were phenomenal! What a great play!" - GN

"This is seriously the prettiest set I have ever seen." - JLS

"Amazing play." - CA

"It was an amazing show! I was in tears!" - DC

"If you haven't seen Pluto at Stray Cat Theatre, you are missing one of the best shows that has been on Valley stages in years. Go. Buy tickets and go. This is the last weekend to see it. Don't be sorry. Go to the show." - AS

"This is one of the greatest shows I have ever, and I do mean ever, seen. I promise it will be more than worth it!" - RF

"All through Pluto, I kept unconsciously digging my left thumbnail into my right thumbnail and vice versa. Until one part in the middle where my hands grabbed just below my neck, and then the end when all I could do was cross my arms and hold myself as tight as possible to keep from shaking. "The entire solar system changed and I survived, didn't I?" - KC

"...saw Pluto Stray Cat Theatre. Thx Ron May for making me cry." - PS

"Just saw Stray Cat Theatre's Production of Pluto. Only a few more chances to catch a great production of a mesmerizingly troubling play. Congratulations Ron May, cast and crew!" - SH

"I loved the show! I was a wreck at the end." - NC

"I am an ardent fan of the brilliant playwright, Steve Yockey, the marvelous direction of Ron May, and the always excellent productions of Stray Cat Theatre, This one was stunning!" - BO

"Saw "Pluto" on Saturday night. Phenomenal performance, Cole!!! I came with a date, and we both loved it. I've never seen a play with such a fantastic mother and son duo before. Beautiful, disturbing, funny, and with a bit of hope. Ron, and the rest of the incredible cast and creative team at Stray Cat have a MASTERPIECE of theatre on their hands. I'll definitely be getting my hands on Steve Yockey's other work ASAP. It runs one more weekend (Thur 3/5 at 7, Fri 3/6 at 8, and Sat 3/7 at 8). Don't miss it!!" - MSL

"What an amazing performance." - BLP

"Experienced Pluto tonight at Stray Cat. Well done all around. The cherry blossoms will bloom for a few days after this one." - JT

"Thoroughly appreciated (enjoyed is true, but the word seemed wrong) Pluto tonight. So good. Go see this everyone, so we can discuss it." - SC

"Just saw Pluto at Stray Cat and it was AMAZING! It was treat to see Neda Tavassoli on stage again!! Go see this play!!" - BS

"Ron May warned me that Stray Cat Theatre's Pluto was "reallllllllly dark." Yes. Yes it was. It was also powerful, intense and thought-provoking. Thanks to Ron & Co. for a great night of theatre and for giving us something to think about for a long time to come." - AH

"Saw Pluto at Stray Cat today. It's incredible. Go see it. 1 week left." - GS

"I saw Pluto on Thursday night and fell in love. I kept hearing about how dark the show is and I was really afraid to see it because stuff like that can wipe me out. I was really surprised at how much humor there was throughout the show. The script is brilliant to begin with and Stray Cat seems to always do well with Steve Yockey's plays, but this exceeded all my expectations. It was so perfectly cast and the ending was as satisfying as it was surprising and beautiful. Please go and see it. You only have a few more chances." - SW

"Saw Steve Yockey's PLUTO at Stray Cat Theatre tonight. What a weird and wonderful play. And what a pleasure to see Neda Tavassoli on stage after way too many years. Congrats to Ron May, Yolanda London, Michael Peck (best entrance I've seen in a long time!), Brooke Unverferth, Amanda Keegan, and everyone else at Stray Cat. It runs through March 7 - catch it if you can." - MW

"Saw PLUTO this afternoon. It literally took my breath away - I was crying so hard by the end I was having to focus on breathing like a normal human.Congratulations to Ron May and Louis Farber and the rest of your kitty family for bringing such a phenomenal piece to light and to this city. Can we clone you? We need more of this kind of work! Loved it (in the way you can love something that is devastating)" - BJF

"You have one more week to see Pluto at Stray Cat Theatre. Don't miss this one. There are not enough superlatives to adequately describe it. So much raw, white-hot emotion and even humor in this dark, genius, devastatingly moving play. All of the feels. All of them. Thank you for such superlative work. Some day I will recover from this devastating, spectacular show. And I'll be better for it. But not today." - JD

"This was a very thought-provoking play, handled with seriousness ans humor. Much better than the movie We Need to Talk About Kevin." - LC

"Really excellent experience, though not a show you would call fun. It will be interesting when Stray Cat heads over to TCA, because the size of the venue always adds to the experience. This is especially true with Pluto, as you can empathize with the mother's world slowly shrinking, first losing a planet and then so much more. All of the thumbs up!" - RB

"So, I saw the ‪#‎straycattheatre‬ production of PLUTO this evening. I'm continuously amazed by the high level of theatrical talent in Phoenix. Go see this incredible production. I. Wept. Yolanda London you're a dream...And, Neda. OMG. Your performance leveled me." - BAJ

"Huge congratulations to the cast and crew of PLUTO over at Stray Cat Theatre! Beautiful, beautiful work. It's no secret that I've been looking forward to this play for months, and it surpassed my expectations. And I have pretty fuckin' high expectations, so that's really saying something...artistically stunning... " - VK

"Great job...That sticks with ya." - JT

"And then you see a run of PLUTO at Stray Cat and your brain melts in all the best ways, your heart shatters into all the pieces, and you really can't believe how sadly beautiful it is. PLUTO really hits home the quote...I love so much about how we go see stuff to be in a room with other humans seeing other humans trying to figure out how to be human beings. PLUTO is the prime example of the very best of how we relate to each other." - BU

"Pluto at Stray Cat. I think I said, 'brilliantly disturbing' several times afterward. It is tight storytelling and beautiful acting you can't stop looking at. The story is heartbreaking. If that turns you on, you must go see it. Really. Pluto has remained with me today in a way few plays do. Kind of lodged in my chest, pumping on its own." - AH

"Pluto at Stray Cat Theatre is the show I've been waiting all season for and it was well worth the wait. Nothing I write here is going to do it justice so please just go see it for yourself." - TS

"Too many tears! Amazing job to the cast and crew of Pluto!" - JM

"Last night, I had the pleasure of witnessing the opening to Stray Cat Theatre's production of Pluto. It's a dark, surreal piece by Steve Yockey, with Ron May at the directorial helm.
Pluto takes place in a suburban kitchen at 9:30 a.m. on a day that is anything but ordinary, despite the protestations of Elizabeth, a single mother played by Neda Tavassoli. She's doing her best to hold it all together as strange events disrupt her fragile tranquility -- her refrigerator, her radio, and the talking three-headed dog (Yolanda London) that has appeared in her home all demand her attention as she tries to talk to her son, Bailey (Cole Brackney). A beautiful classmate of Bailey's named Maxine (Gabrielle Van Buren) also intrudes on the mother and son, venting fury and frustration as she comes and goes. Finally, an ominous figure played by Michael Peck appears, and changes things for the family forever.
Pluto is not an easy play to watch. Its themes are fraught with emotional turmoil, examining things most audience members might be uncomfortable facing. While the play does touch on tragic events, its true power is in its portrayal of the quiet tragedies we've all faced: feelings of inadequacy, fear that we may not measure up to the world's expectations, regret over moments when we know we could have expressed more kindness, but didn't. It eloquently voices the difficulty parents sometimes have with connecting to their children, illustrating the desperate frustration that mounts when communication breaks down. And in the climax, it demonstrates the bittersweet possibility of the grace for which we all yearn, and yet still fear.

Pluto's technical aspects were all impressive; the set designed by Eric Beeck is rife with symbolism for those who know where to look. The lights and sound all subtly subvert our perceptions, adding to the surreal events of the story.

I always recommend Stray Cat's productions, but Pluto deserves special recognition. If you're up for a cerebral, emotionally challenging, and compelling piece of theatre, this show is not to be missed." - ET

"An absolutely amazing production! If you wanna come along let me know, I am going to see it at least one more time before final curtain." - JTM

"Just saw Pluto at Stray Cat. And can I just say that Michael Peck is the Death I always hoped for: charming, urbane, sensitive. I feel much better about my mortality now." - PFL

"...a powerful production...Thanks and congrats to cast and crew." - CP

"I had the privilege of seeing this on opening night. Exquisite and devastating. My congratulations to the skillful and brave artists involved. Ron May, you have done it again." - MW

"I saw it last night. I can't recall the last time I saw an unfamiliar play I liked this much. (maybe The Flick?). Highly recommended! Thanks to all involved for a nice night in the theater." - DW

"Saw the play PLUTO last night at Stray Cat Theatre. Was a moving, touching play. Every actor was just outstanding. Cole Brackney and Neda Tavassoli as the son and mom are just superb. Everyone did a great job in this intense show. The set was terrific also. Just might want to bring some tissues. Another fine job by the Stray Cat Crew" - DF

"Incredible preview last night guys. It really is a beautiful show and quite the surreal experience. A must see for sure." - AK

"My husband and I really enjoyed the show today. We had some good discussions in the car and over sushi afterwards. My heart ached at the end for both the mom and the son. The line that I can still hear Elizabeth saying is "I wish you were nicer to you". Really great work. So proud of you and your company." - NC

"I was so moved, I had to come back and see it again." - JC

"You've got one hell of a show on your hands there." - JJ

"Go see Stray Cat Theatre production of PLUTO. It was disturbing, tender, devastating, acid and in an odd way calming. Last nights performance has been in my head all morning. Congratulations to Ron May and all the outstanding performers in this production both on stage and behind the scenes. Don't miss this extraordinary work." - SL

"...kicked the air out of me." - TS

"Kudos to...Neda Tavassoli, your performance tonight at the theatre was nothing short of spectacular. Well done." - TS

"You guys, just please go see PLUTO. With impeccable direction from...Ron May, and a perfect cast this hauntingly good story is something you shouldn't miss. It will break your heart, but you will leave better because of it. You have the rest of this weekend and two more. No excuses not to support amazing local theatre." - KR

"PLUTO...kind of devastating. Fairly brutal. Completely awesome. GO. SEE." - DD

"Friends! Go see PLUTO at Stray Cat! It's dark and disturbing and beautifully acted. Do it." - TB

"Pluto is a powerful play, but beyond that I won't comment because it would be too easy to give away the plot. Particular kudos to Ron May for his direction and to Yolanda London as Cerberus. - KW

"The acting/directing was brilliant. Which is always the case with a SCT production." - JB, goldstar