Saturday, December 10, 2011
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"I'm still kind of in that fun and happy shock that comes from seeing something that makes me laugh, makes me just a bit squirmy with discomfort, and makes me go, OH NO HE'S NOT!!!! I heart this show." - BU

"Super funny good times tonight at MILKMILKLEMONADE...You made my face hurt from smiling." - KM

"MILK MILK LEMONADE delivers a terrific one-two punch!...Stray Cat Theatre's latest work of genius!" - CM

‚ÄéMILKMILKLEMONADE is FANTASTIC. laughed my ass off. GO!" - CP

"Just saw MILKMILKLEMONADE...That play was so damn awesome!" - MB

"Thank You Cast & Crew of Milk, Milk Lemonade for blessing us all with your gifts tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed basking in your crazy train chicken light. xoxo ‚ô•" - PB

"Saw MilkMilkLemonade last night...totally hilarious. I was laughing inappropriately the entire time!" - JD

"Stray Cat Theatre's production of MILKMILKLEMONADE is cleverly directed and features a couple of scene stealing performances. Go see it." - MM

"Saw MilkMilkLemonade last night and it was hysterical! 6 thumbs and 8 eyes up (in honor of Rochelle the spider)!!! Yet another reason not to go to Chick-fil-a!! Congrats to the entire cast and crew and thanks for a fun evening!!" - KD

"It is a wonderfully weird, beautifully conceived show with gorgeous and hilarious performances- don't miss it!!!" - AM

"Saw Stray Cat's wonderful production of MILK MILK LEMONADE TONIGHT! Everyone was perfect, but Michael Thompson's puppet work as "Rochelle the spider" was the most hilarious thing I've seen in YEARS!" - DV

"Finally saw milkmilklemonade at straycat last night, it closes tonight but if you can, go see it, ridiculous amounts of fun...." - DK