Monday, February 20, 2012
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"I would highly, highly, highly recommend checking out "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" at Stray Cat Theatre. This show is hilarious, profound, and beautifully staged. It features a colorful cast of characters...Go see it!" - AC

"I enjoyed myself so much. tight, fast paced, passionate and funny...and Damon dering is all kinds of priceless as Satan." - AH

"Saint Monica dropping f-bombs? Satan propping up Newt for prez? Pontius Pilate late for a tee time? Mother Teresa in a motorized wheelchair? Jesus as a humble kid in a hoody? Irreverent? Yep. Disrespectful? Yep. Hilarious? Yep. True to the basic teachings of the Bible? Yep. Wait! The bad boy of local theatre produces a show that honors the teachings of the Gospel?! Believe it friends. THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT spins you through a myriad of disturbing scenes that seem to blast away faith-based absolutes, only to return again and again to the love that God has for all of us. See it." - DB

"Every once in awhile you see a good piece of theater and you mention to people they should go see it...a few times you see an amazing piece of theater and tell everyone you know to go see it...this is one of those shows...go see Stray Cat's 'The Last Days of Judas Iscariot'...You'll thank me later." - DK

" of the greatest shows this theatre season by far. THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT at Stray Cat Theatre!!!! Don't wait you procrastinators!!!!! PS Damon owns it as Satan." - MT

"Went to see "Judas Iscariot" last night at Stray Cat Theatre...What an awesome show with an amazing cast. Congrats to another hit show for Ron May. Damon Dering's performance as the Devil is simply one of his finest works on stage. Please do not miss seeing this show." - DW

"Amazing show with an incredible cast! The MFA actors rock it out & the faces of our local talent that we've all come to love & appreciate will make you wanna have Stray Cat Sex! Then there's the incredibly talented Artistic Director of N2T, Damon Dering, as the devil that can't be missed...check it for yourself & you won't be disappointed!" - JD

"This show is simply amazing! No matter how much you may have heard, it will blow you away! Definitely a must see, and if at all possible, a must see again!" - KA

"The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot is the kind of performance that makes going to live theater important. Kudos." - KW

"One of the best performances we've seen in this valley in a long time...outstanding" - GM