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Sunday, December 20, 2015
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“Wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed Heathers. With a big cast and live music I got to sit in the second row, with any other musical that would be a couple hundred bucks. All the actors were great singers and dancers, and I loved the costumes, sets, and band. Brittany Howk is a superstar, her ability to convey emotions through her facial expressions and posture is uncanny for an actress that young. Can’t wait for American Idiot.” - SS

“Loved the movie. Love the musical even more. HEATHERS was freaking fantastic!” - BT

“Awesome!!!!! Laughed and laughed!” - MM

“Dark, twisted & hilarious!” - KH

“So, Heathers was phenomenal! The whole cast killed it, seriously, they did. But, our favorite was Cole Brackney as JD. If you love theatre and need something to do next weekend, go check out this show at Stray Cat Theater before it closes. You will not be disappointed. Seriously, check it out.” - LW

“Got to see Heathers at Stray Cat yesterday- awesome way to spend an afternoon!” - AP

“Remarkably Conceived and Executed!” - LW

“...totally awesome...congrats to cast and crew of the production. Highly entertaining!” - TPB

“Excellent show! Broadway level acting and singing! Phenomenal production!! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good laugh from an off beat comedy!” - BR, goldstar

“Really enjoyed this show - it was great!!!!! Make sure you go see it!” - DL, goldstar

“Holy Corn Nuts. This is fucking spectacular. You all need to see this show. As ever with Stray Cat, each role is so perfectly cast that it's as if the parts were written for those specific actors." - SS

“Y'all are giving me liiiife right now!” - VC

“saw Heathers the Musical at Stray Cat Theatre last night. What a great and funny show. The cast just rocked from Cole Brackney, Brittany Howk, the 3 Heathers the rest of the cast and the live band. Hilarious songs about blue balls, blowjobs-sword fight in mouth. Great job once again Stray Cat!!!” - DF

“Heathers - don't miss out on this stellar performance presented by the incredible Stray Cat Theatre!” - RF

“Heathers was so fantastic!” - DT

“The cast was TIGHT. It was obvious everyone on the stage cared about their parts and their place in the team. More than any technical aspect, THAT is what makes a good production. While I didn't care for the choices attached to J.D.'s character, the actor worked it.
Veronica set the tone for the entire rest of the show. I may be biased, given her shocking resemblance to my high school girlfriend, but even though I didn't like the story changes attached, she sang, danced and convinced in every scene. The supporting cast was rock solid. I didn't care for the show's runaway best musical bit, "Dead Gay Son," because it was PC and hammered in to make a sociological point, but it was brilliantly done and gorgeously executed by the cast. Again, material quibbles rather than issues with how it was done...I do wish the company, it's incredibly talented staff and crew and its loyal supporters - and I proudly include myself among that number - years and years of exceptional, quirky and brilliant performances to come in its new home.” - RM

“...funny, emotional, and sensual.” - RG

“I was lucky enough to attend the opening of HEATHERS: The Musical with three fabulous companions this weekend...
Upon entering the theatre, I took note of Eric Beeck’s set -- tall lockers lined the back wall, scrawled with insults and epithets that took me all the way back to high school. The center of the stage is a lowered circular recess, lined with strips of red, green, and yellow, reminiscent of a croquet ball. The show’s feel is decidedly lighter than the darker-than-dark comedy of the original film, but it doesn’t suffer for it. The music is bouncy, witty, and firmly tongue-in-cheek ... at least in the beginning. As the show progresses, the funny numbers give way to songs that pack an emotional punch -- more on that later. Nicole L Olson’s choreography keeps the energy high, and Louis Farber’s skillful comedic direction keeps the laughter coming. Brittany Howk’s portrayal of Veronica has just the right amount of sardonic side-eye, and her vocal acrobatics are not to be missed. She manages to balance the adolescent Polyanna with the Heather-in-training facets of her character. She gets to deliver many of the more iconic lines from the source material, and does so with candor and humor. The titular Heathers are almost too pretty to look at. Costume designer Daniel Chihuahua deserves a special mention here -- these girls look FIERCE. While the story takes place in the late 80s, the Heathers are dressed in color coordinated, 80s-preppy clothes seen through a very contemporary lens, creating a look that is iconic and instantly recognizable. Sara Sanderson perfectly embodies the role of High School Demon Queen Heather Chandler, hand placed firmly on her hip, strutting, belting notes, and taking zero attitude from anyone. Taylor Moskowitz plays second-in-command Heather Duke, whose resting bitch face is not to be matched. Elyssa Blonder is the more complex Heather McNamara, following in line with the other Heathers, but hiding a secret vulnerability. Cole Brackney plays bad-boy Jason “J.D“ Dean, and it’s easy to see why Veronica instantly falls for him. He lures us in with his introductory number, “Freeze Your Brain“, but the chemistry between Veronica and J.D. reaches it peak with “Seventeen“, sung in Act Two. Cole’s skill as an actor is fully revealed when his charm begins to turn sinister and the love he expresses turns darker. The rest of the cast populates Westerberg High with fun, passion and spirit. Anasofia Gallegos’s poor, sweet Martha Dumptruck tugs at the heartstrings with every appearance, and Michael Thompson and Alex Crossland play “those two guys“ Kurt and Ram with stupid, slapstick perfection. The show’s most unexpected moment (for me) happened in Act Two, with Elyssa Blonder’s solo song “Lifeboat.“ After all the fun, wry humor of the first act, this moment was like a punch to the gut. It’s one of the shortest numbers in the whole show, but in my opinion it was one of the most powerful. If you like theatre, musicals, the original Heathers movie, or all three, you should definitely make the time to see this production.” - ET.

“I enjoyed HEATHERS THE MUSICAL today at Stray Cat Theatre...It was very entertaining and cast perfectly all the way...The music was spectacular. Particularly good was the Act One performance of the American Classic,‘YOU MAKE MY BALLS SO BLUE’, Gershwin I believe. Stray Cat did a beautiful job of staging this show. Also hats off to Stray Cat for emailing all of this weekend’s online buyers of the Tempe Festival also going on this weekend. The whole town was really a zoo! I went well early, parked the car and ate and got to the theatre easily on time. It was a good afternoon, and I’m sure it will take some time for HEATHERS to sink in, because right now I have no idea what it was about. Those are the kinds of shows that I usually obsess on.” - GB

“If you like musicals on a small stage this is a must see.” - SK

“It was FANTASTIC! Phenomenal cast.... Wow.... GREAT JOB” - CH

“Congratulations to everyone involved with the show for a stunning production in every way!” - TS

Brittany Howk is a STAR. It was such an amazing show.” - TK


“It was SO good!” - P G-H

“Heathers: A+
Louis Farber: A+
Brittany Howk’s rock belt: A+” - TS

“So as a teenager I remember this movie defining the ’theatre kids’ in my high school. It was like we all were privy to something nobody else had seen. To this day I hold this film responsible for all bad relationship choices in life!! Now, a huge cult ’classic’ and I was so happy to see this on the line up this season at Stray Cat! Theatre friends, old high school theatre friends...GO SEE THIS!!” - KB “It was incredible!” - CB

“It was FANTASTIC!!” - MJ

“Must see show with this cast.” - GR

“Heathers the Musical was effing amazing! I recommend everyone go see it...” - AC

“Really enjoyed this show - it was great!!!!! Make sure you go see it!” - goldstar review

“Just saw Heathers the Musical at Stray Cat and holy shit 10/10 would recommend.” - RS