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Monday, February 26, 2018
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"Great show!  Brilliant puppet wrangling. I brought a good friend who needed an overwhelmingly theatrical experience to wipe away some recent unpleasantness in his life. He was roaring with laughter, as was I. Great job, and wonderful cast." - JM

"Hand to God. OMG...I can barely even see the actors through the tears of laughter! The show is so damn funny!" - JR

"Hand to God was a hell of a lot of fun. Great work by Ron May, Louis Farber, Vaughn Sherman, And the whole crew. Also I think we can now safely and permanently retire the descriptor “what it means to be human” that seems to attach itself to every play produced." - JB

"Goooooooo. Seeeeeeeee. Thiiiiiiiiis. Plaaaaaaaaay! It’s so damn good! We laughed so much! I have absolutely loved this entire season so far, but this was easily and by far my favorite production among them." - NJ

"Hand to God at Phoenix Theatre is BEYOND fantastic. I don’t know if there are even tickets left for their final performance tomorrow (3pm), but if there are you need to buy that shit and treat. yo. self." - MA

"I had the pleasure of attending HAND TO GOD  last week a co pro between Phoenix Theatre and Stray Cat Theatre. They have 2 more performances? And if you havent seen it, seriously missing out. Like Avenue Q but like rated XXX! Puppets and Jesus and kids and everything was crazy hilarious, I literally was in stiches from laughing. Congrats to all!! Seriously. I got my ab workout that night." - JC

"We were blown away by the show last night. Congratulations!" - MAW

"RUN don't walk to see this play before it closes. The acting is some of the best I've seen in the valley. Do not miss this!" - AB

"So grateful I had the chance to see this incredible production. Do NOT miss out. Impressive in every respect." - HS

"I just wanted to say that the fight sequences in Hand to God are absolutely brilliant. This was my first live theatre experience where I was truly convinced and actually let out an audible, "oh shit." Truly fantastic work by all involved." - RM

"Hand to God was sinfully glorious!!!" - DC

"Holy shit. We just got out of Hand to God. That was fucking AMAZING!" - LD

"Such a creative and excellent production. So glad I got to see it." - SW

"Hilariously offensive theatre. I was crying with laughter for the entire 2 hours. It’s their last weekend. So treat yourself, and don’t miss it!" - LAK

"I Just about pee'd my pants during the second act." - AF

"I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe at a couple points."- DF

"Hand to God at Stay Cat Theater was hilarious!!!! Wonderful performances, set and lighting was perfect. Do yourself a favor... GO SEE IT." - MO

"It really was a wonderful show-funny, poignant, a bit naughty, and definitely thought-provoking. And the set/dressing was fantastic!!" - RD

"HAND TO GOD is comic relief, artistry, staging, physicality and production brilliance rolled into one BaaaAD show. Dearest Actors, and (Ahhhem).....Tyrone - BRAVO!" - DL

"It sure was different than anything I have seen.  Funny and creepy all rolled into one!  Brilliant actors." - KK

"...blown away by the immeasurable talent amongst such a succinct cast, impeccable script and just overall experience at PT with Stray Cat doing Hand to God (genuinely enthralling and incredibly intriguing both thematically, spiritually and emotionally)" - MJD

"I saw Hand to God last Sunday at PT. OMG! GO. SEE. THIS! It puts Avenue Q to SHAME! Also, SO much fun meta-commentary on the nature and origin of "the devil," and gendered power dynamics. Seriously, GO SEE!" - JD

"Hand To God was FANTASTIC.  So good. Worth seeing twice!" - JB

"My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard and I felt terrible for being loud. I was so scandalized by certain scenes and couldn't stop myself from saying "oh my god" over and over. It was just too good! The actors were phenomenal." - TH

"If you are considering seeing this production, consider no more-it was hilarious! The cast was awesome!" - NN

"Well. I’ve never even seen Avenue Q and was entirely a puppet production virgin going into tonight. Not anymore. Feeling both mildly violated and highly satisfied by that production! Fabulous talent all around. Laughed out loud...Tyrone is off the possibility name list for future grand babies..." - JR

"for real - last night was amazing. i loved every second of this show." - DB

"The show is not only funny but is very moving. I cried." - RA

"Wow! Hand to God was a wake up call for us to see more theater! Such a great show. Congrats...on a deeply disturbing (in the best way) production!" - KF

"I'm not sure how this show could be better cast, directed, etc, etc. Eric Zaklukiewicz was a TOUR DE FORCE as Jason and Tyrone. Elyse Wolf provided his mom so many layers and dimensions you never knew whether to laugh or cry, Louis Farber was PERFECT as the sympathetic and simultaneously smarmy pastor, Vaughn Sherman and Michelle Chin were superb in their amazing funny and twisted roles.  And Ron May  - I'm pretty sure you now have the benchmark to beat for this show somewhere in the theatre universe.  You still have time to see this one, y'all.  DO IT. I have objectively determined that if you don't see Hand to God at Stray Cat at Phoenix Theatre, you have missed the SHOW OF THE YEAR.  Just saying.  Seeing it again Thursday." - DS

"Saw "Hand to God" this afternoon and absolutely loved it. So irreverent and daring, strong solid performances from all...Kudos to Ron May , Stray Cat Theatre and Phoenix Theatre for a hysterical afternoon of theater!!" - LS

"You guys, Hand to God is one of the most hands down funniest shows I have ever seen. I cry laughed. And laughed some more. Job so well done to the whole cast, Ron May, Stray Cat Theatre, and every single person involved in creating each aspect. Best show I have seen in awhile from top to bottom." - LP

"I was laughing so hard that I was crying." - MS

"Hand to God @ Stray Cat Theatre is the funniest thing I have seen... get your tickets.. don’t miss this show" - SL

"Just saw Hand to God it is fabulous I laughed so much my sides hurt it is a great show don’t miss buy your tickets" - YC

"I'll DEFINITELY be seeing this one again" - CT

"Congratulations to Stray Cat Theatre and Phoenix Theatre on their co-production of Hand to God!  Soooo well done, soooo funny, sooooo much talent!  I need to see it again so I can hear what I missed while I was laughing... Bravo Ron May, Elyse Wolf Davidson, Michelle Chin, Louis Farber, and everyone else involved!" - KM

"Friends, go see Stray Cat Theatre’s HAND TO GOD at Phoenix Theatre! I laughed, I cried from laughing, and sometimes I got real quiet becomes the play became irreverently meaningful. An excellent time at the theatre with top notch performances and a hell of a surprising script. Congrats to the cast, crew, and creative team!" - JP

"The artistic triple threat of Lady Bird, Hamilton, and tonight's production of Stray Cat Theatre's Hand to God will probably go down as my best week of the arts (rivaled only by the flurry of Spamalot, Rent, Movin' Out, Avenue Q, and Wicked when my sister and I spent a week in New York for her graduation). Thank you to all of the incredible artists who shared their talents with me and helped me get through an otherwise pretty shitty week!" - TS

"What a great show. Tyrone scared the shit out of me." - DN

"phenomenal performers in a killer production." - RM

"It was nothing short of hysterical and the acting and comedic timing is simply incredible." - JK

"Opening night was amazingly hilarious!" - BC

"Stray Cat Theatre's Hand to God is well worth seeing.  Funny, funny, funny!" - IL

"Such a great show!!!! So much fun!" - CC

"SUCH a fun night...! Get tickets... you'll laugh and turn red." - JB

"Caught the opening of Stray Cat's, Hand to God last night. Go see this. I'm not giving away anything about it, other than you will laugh and freak out simultaneously." - BT

"I saw Stray Cat/Phoenix Theatre's "Hand to God" last night. so good, so funny and not like "ha, that's clever". It's like "HAHAHAHA. ok, the moment I'm laughing at was 45 seconds ago, I think I'm missing stuff,oh well HAHAHAHA." It's gonna need a repeat viewing... #supportlocaltheatre #tyroneiscoming #Onomatopoetia" - TS

"a hell of a show" - RW

"FUNNIEST SHOW EVER! A must see! #lifeistooshorttoobeoffended" - RH