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Saturday, October 5, 2013
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"If you still have no idea why people do theater, give me this one night. You might not like the reason, but you'll learn the reason." - JP

"what a heartfelt, all -in production. the acting was great, the content very thoughtful...talked about it for hours after seeing the play...thanks for the excellent experience." - goldstar

"Very enjoyable and entertaining - 5 stars out of 5." - AL

"Loved "The Flick" last night. Can't stop thinking about it. So glad to see this done locally. Looking forward to the whole Stray Cat season." - JP

"It was like a live independent film in hi-def...very good choice and very good directing! Bravo!" - JB

"The Flick" was absolutely terrific! Bravo! And for the rest of you out there...I think there are two or three more opportunities to see this terrific play." - LE

"Really awesome work." - RH

"...the show was amazing and the direction incredible!" - goldstar


"Annie Baker's play The Flick is an incredible piece of American Realism; Ron May's direction and cast execute to near perfection. This is not only a must see, but sets the bar extremely high for the season as well as other productions in the Phoenix valley." - AC

"Spent the afternoon with friends at Stray Cats' The Flick. Who knew that watching the staff clean the house of a movie theater could be so compelling? And believable. Why, Ron May, of course! Thanks, kitties!" - DT

"Last night was damn good. Thanks again. I love me some Annie Baker! She has a real knack for finding depth in "everyman" characters and in, at first glance, lame everyday situations. And you aren't afraid to utilize silence -- thank you!!! A personal peeve of mine when plays get zoomed through and missed opportunities fly by." - TLM

"Saw THE FLICK at Stray Cat Theatre last night. Excellent production, excellent performances. As usual, local arts lovers should not miss it." - MM

"I really loved the show. Each actor brought so much pathos to their character. And the interactions were amazing. Kudos to all involved. And Eric Beeck - that set was perfection!" - SSJ

"REALLY Superb Work!!! Enjoy your run and your success." - DB

"The Flick at Stray Cat Theatre was SO GREAT AND SO FUNNY. GO SEE IT. Life is too short to not laugh at the crappy parts." - JS


"GO! See this play! It's OUTSTANDING!!! (You know a production rocks if it makes me, of all people, abuse exclamation points.) Holy. Balz. Where it's funny, it's hilarious. Where it's serious, it's heart wrenching. The set (which I usually couldn't care less about) is fantastic, but with this cast and crew it could just as easily play on a bare stage. Louis Farber and the rest of the cast carry a great script, lovingly directed by Ron May, from start to finish in such a way that you don't notice or mind how much time has passed by the time it's done. I simply cannot recommend seeing this show strongly enough. Buy your tickets, support this fantastic cast and crew and treat yourself to what will be, I'm certain, one of the best productions of the season. It's really that good. Go!" - RM

"...wonderful intelligent show, filled with so many beautiful moments, handled by wonderful actors for a great director...It is a refreshing option...the ending was amazing...don't miss it...Congrats to Stray Cat Theatre!!!" - WP

"Had a great date night watching Stray Cat Theatre's production of "The Flick"! It's not often that one can say three hours at the theatre was time well spent. In this case, it was. The use of stillness, silence and movement was both refreshing and daring. Communicative, and intriguing. Go see it!" - DL

"Phoenicians, go see the really great cast in THE FLICK at Stray Cat. Beautifully performed and it's particularly gratifying to see SC do a show with rather different rhythms than I associate with them. Excellent work. Go" - JM

"Saw "The Flick" last night at Stray Cat Theatre and it was even better than I had imagined it would be. Best actors, great script, and an incredible set. Go see it and make your week even better." - JK

"THE FLICK is great. GREAT. My kind of play. You hafta solve the story with only the slices happening in one location. I love it. I'm going back. Support this show." - TS

"Loved it! This a terrific production! Yeah for Baker and May and cast." - RW

"Great show, great opening! Once again you guys have put together a terrific piece of theater. Ron May once again proves he is a genius. GO SEE THIS SHOW." - JW

"I loved The Flick. I thought it was a great piece of theatre, one of the best things I've seen in the valley, and a huge risk. Thank you so much for doing it." - ES

"The Flick was a wonderful evening of theatre. Congrats to you and everyone involved. Thank you!" - DH

"Thank you for continuing to make thoughtful theatre. After tonight, for the record, you're the best thing going." - WI

"A very enjoyable evening!!!!" - VC

"...wonderful! Louis Farber is hilarious! Courtney Weir is perfect! And Micah Jondel DeShazer is a great mix of passion and desperation! I hope you love tense silence (I do), because this play is drenched in silent torture and betrayal! Do yourself a favor and go see this show! Don't let the "3-hour running time" scare you! It flies by! Like hanging out with your friends!" - WH

"I want to see The Flick again. The casting is purr-fection!" - PL

"OUTSTANDING! You should go see it because it's exceptional! We loved it!" - NC

"...marvelous! The Flick at Stray Cat Theatre is a profound look at life doesn't always go the way we want it to." - CH

"The actors were superlative! Almost 3 hrs. long - which flew by." - JZ

"Your staging of THE FLICK has stayed with me. It truly resonates. Frankly I am impressed with a showing of fine stage craft and text respect that does not lean on no clothes burlesque, which we have all seen and is ultimately facile. This is serious theatre, man. I have not tired of recommending the show. Your cast was, well, cast well, which is always a good start. The fact that they ran with the ball so intensely is a tribute to their professionalism and your inspiration. Why is it that your production design is always so effective yet simple? Anyway you got the general idea - we liked it a lot. (3 hours? Ye Gods - but it worked)" - NW

"Saw "The Flick" Sunday. Loved it. Great cast. Well done! The three hours went by quickly for us. This presentation deserves a full house every performance. We are looking forward to the rest of the plays. Best wishes for a successful season." - PC