Monday, December 23, 2019
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"American Psycho: The Musical was FANTASTIC!!!! Story lives up to its title for sure and EVERYONE in the cast was superb!!! Toby Yatso KILLED IT(See what I did there?) as Patrick Bateman!! I haven't seen the movie yet (I know, I suck), but this show makes me wanna see it even more than before. I love all the 80s references including the respectful homage to Huey Lewis & The News. The whole show was bloody brilliant!!! Ok, I'm done." - DW

"American Psycho at Stray Cat Theatre was incredible! Only a few performances remain for this insanely amazing production! Go see it while you still have the chance!" - AR

"We have been Addicts for several years. I love this theatre experience. The talent and productions bring an element to local theatre that is unique, thought provoking and most definitely awesome. Thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to providing a great experience to us. American Psycho brought us yet another experience that allows us to view the amazing talent of our community. Great job Mr. May for bringing such great people together for our enrichment. And of course to the entire cast. I love the talent of Mr. Yatso. Seriously from Elf to Patrick Bateman just incredible. Thank you so much!!" - KS

"I LOVED American Psycho! One of the best shows I've ever seen in Phoenix! Wow." - DD

"Saw American Psycho last night and I'm not a huge fan of musicals but this one blew me away! Absolutely loved it! Toby did an amazing job leading a cast of talented actors! Bravo guys!" - RC

"This show is amazing! So friggin good!!" - DH

"Was an amazing show thank you!" - NMR

"It’s been over three weeks since I saw American Psycho the musical at Stray Cat Theatre and not a single day has gone by that I didn’t think about it. Not sure if that means I’m the next Patrick Bateman or it was just top notch theatre.... although I’m fairly certain it’s the latter." - ZB

"I invited a friend to American Psycho Saturday night, as her first experience with Stray Cat and she was blown away." - JT

"Congrats to Nicholas John, Ryan Malikowski, Ron May and the rest of the American Psycho cast/crew. Phenomenal job on putting together and amazing show.  Bravo! Break legs on your closing show!" - GC

"Have a great closing show American Psycho!!! I am so glad I got to see this one!!! Wish I could see it again!!! Ron May, you're like a really good director and stuff." - PB 

"Wowza!! What a terrific show!!!" - JW 

"That was a nice musical mind fuck
#distilledwater" - DB

"I LOVED the show." - DF

"WOW Wow Wow that was spectacular...i loved it. Katie and Toby were amazing. Everyone was." - KM

"Still reeling from this incredible production!  Congratulations to Ron May, Toby Yatso, Tim Shawver and the rest of the talented cast!" - DH

"Loved it !!  5 star cast!" - GH 

"On Saturday, we saw a Musical. A pre-finale production of AMERICAN PSYCHO at Stray Cat Theatre and directed by Ron May. The Cast and Crew Killed. We feel the pull of the musical. Thank you again for an insanely enjoyable night. Until next time, We will be watching you." - SC 

"Congrats on another sick show Ron! Really enjoyed American Psycho!" - BS

"Psycho was fantastic! Congratulations! Thoroughly enjoyed it!" - RS

"Go see American Psycho the musical at Stray Cat theatre. But only see it if you like intriguing, thought provoking theatre. And only if you want to see one of the valley’s finest actors deliver a master class in character arch. They close this weekend, catch it while you can." - PG

"Congratulations to Stray Cat, Toby Yatso, Ron May, Patti Suarez and the cast of American Psycho!!  I think you only have this weekend to catch this one!! Go! It’s dark, cynical, gory.  You know....FUN!" - MDW 

"there’s nothing I can say about american psycho the musical at Stray Cat Theatre that hasn’t already been said but oh my fuckballs of fire is it well done and incredible! love all you guys, Toby Yatso you are absolutely mesmerizing and unreal, the whole cast is slammin and a joy to watch, and thank you Brooke Unverferth for being so amazing and giving me the chance to see this! I have huey lewis and the news stuck in my head and I don’t even care!" - CW

"I love this production. I could watch it again and again and still see something new or become thrilled. Again. The songs, artistry and choreography/staging is exceptional. It's quite remarkable and all involved have done such a great job.  Thank you Stray Cat." - DL

"American Psycho is truly mesmerizing... Toby Yatso embodies Patrick Bateman so much at times I had to pull myself out of my own head I believed it so much... amazing performances by all... beautiful voices... awesome video and graphics an all around excellent production...the best I’ve seen all year... tonight is pay what you wish... so you have no excuse.... GO SEE THIS SHOW...." - SL

"American Psycho at Straycat Theatre was really tremendous. A lot of people are talking about it. Nobody puts on a show like those guys. Believe me." - TM

"It was incredible ! Loved the 80s Vibe" - JM

"I fuckin loved it!" - CD

"Dear Phoenix.... GO SEE THIS SHOW! IT'S SO GOOD!!!!" - CY 

“Wow, that was a lot. Wow, that was phenomenal. Fuck!” I may have misquoted that, but it’s also accurate. Go get your tickets to American Psycho at Stray Cat, guys:" - MM

"Get thee to Stray Cat Theatre to see American Psycho while you still can. That is all." - KF 

"Bravo Stray Cat! So enjoyed the show. Don't miss this one - Phoenix friends. Incredible performances by Toby Yatso and Emily Dawn Mohney and skillful direction by Ron May! I sat next to two out-of-towners who just happened upon the show and they loved it and wanted to know all about our theatre scene." - ME

"Locals: you only gave four more chances to catch Stray Cat Theatre's hall-of-fame level production of AMERICAN PSYCHO: THE MUSICAL. This one is not to be missed and is gonna win a ton of Zonis next year. Trust me." - MM

“It has to rank high among the unlikeliest of subjects to ever be adapted into a full-blown musical, but don’t be fooled. Stray Cat Theatre’s production of ‘American Psycho The Musical’ is a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled, accomplished piece of theatrical blood splattering that succeeds and entertains on all levels.
Director Ron May has assembled an outstanding array of local theatre talent, both on-stage and behind the scenes, and delivered a first-class presentation of 80’s money-making avarice, greed, and status, all mixed with the occasional murder, and set to a backdrop of pulsating electronica that even includes a few familiar-sounding 80’s pop/rock classics littered among the new score.
Work behind the scenes – the show’s scenic design, the projection, lighting, choreography - are quite stunning. All the elements required to make a production like this come alive work together superbly in Stray Cat’s second production of its current season. The cast, every member, brings something fresh to the stage, but it’s the central performance that eventually carries the day. It’s hard to imagine that the same guy who only a year ago lead the song and dance of ‘Elf’ for all the family at The Phoenix Theatre Company is this year slicing and dicing Wall Street conflicts at Stray Cat with several sharp-edged pointy things. Toby Yatso never gives less than one hundred percent. The show is now playing at Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe until November 23. Get in line.” DA

"Y'all this show is a wild ride and I highly recommend checking it out if you have the time tonight." - JW

"It was excellent. I'm proud and really impressed with Ron, Toby and all the cast and crew for bringing that level of performance. Yaaaaass!!!" - HR 

"I highly recommend American Psycho the Musical. Stray Cat at tempe center for the arts. it jumps right at you from the second it starts. never a dull moment. an interesting set design which is highlighted by a nice array of projection. Toby Yatso and cast keep you wondering what are they going to do next!" - RH 

"American Psycho: The Musical is gritty and gory and perverse. Not a show that will appeal to the masses, but it is dark and unique and gutsy." - RR

"Seriously this show has stuck with me for hours. I’ve done nothing but research on its premise and I’m kinda going crazy. See this show, please." - CG

"Enjoyed? Yes. Blown away and in awe? Also yes." - EC

"You guys...I...just go fucking see Stray Cat’s production of American Psycho. Just go. I am...astounded is not too strong a word. Blown away, also not too strong a phrase. Dave Lopez captured it: it’s transcendent. Yes, it’s that good. Jesus." - KB

"I don’t normally write reviews of shows after I see them, but I felt compelled to remark on what a wonderful production of AMERICAN PSYCHO I saw last night! It was one of those few shows that is able to blend satire and homage in a way that makes you forget you are seeing a musical about a movie. I don’t think that I have EVER seen someone so perfectly cast. Toby Yatso was Patrick Bateman! Thank you Ron May for putting on such a magnificent piece of art. It was spellbinding!" - BK

"Fabulous production and superb performances. Big Kudos to Toby Yatso and the great Ron May!!" - SH

"Hands down one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve ever experienced! All the actors were phenomenal! The Norman Bates is Broadway level performance and Cortney was hilarious and my favorite! I would go see again and again." - JD, goldstar

"Great production. Weird ass show." - ED

"This is a must see!
Stray Cat Theater's adaptation of book and film into a musical is no small undertaking.
The audience will be familiar with the musical numbers .
The choreography is creative. The cast sing and move well. The set design is simple and works perfectly.
The live accomenment provides another layer to the production.
That begs the question is this a story about a man with serious mental issues ? Or is it possible that a society based on power ,greed, and consumption is destined to eventually consume it self." - WC 

"The future of the American musical - with a retro twist." - LD

"To simply put it, WOW! I’ve never seen the movie and I didn’t know what happened in AMERICAN PSYCHO. Needless to say, I found out last night and I’m still STUNNED!!! From the acting to the set to the singing to the costumes to the lights...I always found something new to be in complete shock by. I also had few hearty cackles...I’m not apologizing for it. And that choreography?!?!?! Kathryn Bailes did THAT!!! Go see AMERICAN PSYCHO at Stray Theatre today at 2pm or next weekend before it’s gone." - MT

"It was truly stunning, and every element was amazingly designed and executed. what a great show!!" - FH

"If you get a chance go see it! They crush it!" - JD

"Stunning...mesmerizing...entertaining...and all the other kudos already noted by others. This is the real deal, friends...Congrats to the entire company for providing your Sunday audience with an astounding experience!!" - PF

"Congratulations on your powerful and visually stunning production!" - SR

"Had an amazing experience in the front row last night! Cast and crew have done an axe-ceptional job!" - RJ

"What a wild ride you took us on! I came to the show on Friday and was grabbed and gutted from the get-go. Gorgeously produced and performed with a wonderful cast. My favorite part: the” helicopter duet” Toby (was) scary-creepy-charming-churlish all at once." - JM

"It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!" - HR

"We had the pleasure of seeing this show and I highly recommend it! It was awesome!" - GC

"It is so good." - HRH 

"Fabulous show.  Amazing direction, choreography, voices, and of course the Amazing Toby Yatso! Congratulations to all." - JR

"Frightfully funny." - RW 

"We saw it last night!...SOOO amazing!!! The show ROCKS!!!" - KW

"Saw last night. don’t miss this incredible show." - CF

"It’s sooo good!" - MLR 

"Next level."...absolutely mind-blowing!" - LS

"...if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend seeing American Psycho the musical with Stray Cat Theatre. It was amaaaaaazing!" - GT

"Another great production by Stray Cat Theatre! "American Psycho: The Musical" Based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel, it is about Patrick Bateman, a wealthy young wall street investment banker who is also a serial killer. It’s about the yuppie culture of the 1980s: a consumeristic culture where the emphasis is on who can get a reservation at an upscale restaurant and who has the best business card. It also glorifies Manolo Blahnik, made famous by Sex In The City. The pressure to succeed turns the young banker into a murderer. Is Bateman a symptom of the Eighties, or a unfortunate victim? Why not go see it and decide for yourself. Toby Yatso is outstanding as Bateman and the entire cast handles the setting, the singing and the choreography with amazing skill. Directed by Ron May, this production is memorable--weirdly creative, but definitely memorable.' - BO

"Wow, opening night was amazing! Congrats Toby Yatso, Patti Davis Suarez, Tim Shawver, Ron May, Cassie Chilton, Brooke Unverferth.  And yes, Stray Cat is doing a Musical!  The blood, er, show runs through 11/23. And I am now seriously binging on Huey Lewis tonight. Great time tonight!" - DT

"FUN production...What a departure from our usual theatre choices. Entire cast played their roles so well. Kudos to the ever stunning Emily Dawn Mohney, who performs with grace and skills on so many levels! In my humble opinion, Toby Yatso is simply awesome and awe inspiring no matter the role. Always a great treat to be among other theatre lovers!" - LP

"American Psycho is a must see!!!!!  I didn’t know what to expect and I loved everything about it!!!!  I can’t wait to see it again!!!!!" - AM

"American Psycho: The Musical" is an incredible show by Stray Cat Theatre. Congrats to all on an amazing production. Go. See. It." - HC 

"This show is incredible and the cast is f***ing crazy talented. Come see this show!" - VC

"Stellar Production!" - DB

"We really enjoyed it, we are fans of edgy theater. The main guy was amazing; he was the show. Singing was great, harmonies spot on and choreography fun...had some good laughs and enjoyed the technical staging effects." - AH, goldstar

"Ya gotta be a little psycho to enjoy American Psycho The Musical!! What a fabulous performance and amazing stage effects." - ABS

"I got to go out and see an amazing musical.  American Psycho is a must see." - PS 

"What a wild ride that was!  You don't want to miss! Congrats to all involved!" - DL

"The lead was amazing. Also, kudos to Ron May. Your never disappoint!" - CQ

"Ron May. You killed it! EVERYTHING, from the casting to choreo to staging to media, was PHENOMENAL! Toby Yatso was flawless! I can't wait to come back for seconds!!! Thank you for your body of work in the valley...There are few musicals that I see where I don't know what is coming. I walked into Stray Cat Theatre's AMERICAN PSYCHO THE MUSICAL knowing it would be excellent. That is a given when going to a Ron May production, especially considering the amazing cast he assembled. What I didn't expect was how often I laughed out loud, how often I was stunned by the performances of all the actors on stage, how mesmerizing the brilliant Toby Yatso is in the lead role, and how thought provoking the end would be. The music is fun, the 80's references are hilarious, and the choreo was stunning. Such a FUN show about a serial killer on the loose." - JR

"Last night, Stray Cat Theatre delivered the opening performance of AMERICAN PSYCHO THE MUSICAL.  Set in New York City at the end of the eighties, the story paints a vivid portrait of the unhappiness that inevitably results from relentless greed. 
The titular psycho is none other than Patrick Bateman, played by Toby Yatso. He's handsome, successful, wealthy, and unfortunately, he's fucking batshit crazy.  Beset by a deep anxiety, Patrick hungers for a sense of acceptance that money can't buy, resulting in an explosion of violence. 
The music written for this show is smart, catchy, and fun to listen to.  It's unlike anything I've heard from Duncan Sheik before (though a couple of ballads call back to SPRING AWAKENING), creating a slick, polished, New Wave soundscape. 
I was also super impressed with Dallas Nichols's digital media design, which lights up the whole set and takes us from location to sordid location. It lent a music video quality to the numbers (especially during the show opener "Selling Out" and the lady-strut fashion-inspired "You Are What You Wear"), helping to polish the whole production. 
Standouts for me in the cast (besides Toby, who killed it) included Emily Dawn Mohney as Patrick's willfully blind fiancee, Cristianna Crognale as her coked-out best friend, and Ryan Malikowski as Patrick's rival and chief source of insecurity, Paul.  The entire ensemble served it up with some impressive vocal harmonies, especially in the second act. 
Kat Bailes's choreography deserves a special nod as well, feeling simultaneously vintage and new.  
Ron May's direction, as always, tightens all the nuts and bolts on an ambitious production.  
AMERICAN PSYCHO is not a happy story.  The questions it asks about identity are not comfortable to answer, so packaging those questions into a musical is a big ask. I felt the production delivered, leaving me both satisfied and unsettled, ruminating on memorable performances as well as the state of humanity." - ET

"Fascinating,  challenging, was a great night of theater." - LS

"Go, just do it. I was pleasantly surprised." - JM

"Saw the show last nite, it was fantastic! Toby great as always!" - JWH

"OMG, this is a must see show! Had the immense pleasure of seeing “American Psycho The Musical” at Straycat theatre last night.  The show was brilliant, an amazing cast, technical wonders, awesome set and impeccably directed. Toby Yatso’s performance is mesmerizing.  Please put this show on your must for the season." - DW