Social Media Buzz for ALL NEW PEOPLE (updated 12.22.13)

Saturday, December 21, 2013
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" of my favorite theater experiences this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I loved the show..." - SS

"Vivid, funny performances and a totally tight production. Truly great fun!" - DV

"what's the worst thing to find out after All New People closes? That you didn't go see it!! We're out to breakfast right now with friends and STILL talking about it!
Thank you, Ron May & Co. for delivering a fast-paced, funny, innovative and unforgettable show - EVERYONE involved in this Stray Cat Theatre production is on their game & will resurrect your belief in the power of theatre - we didn't want it to end!" - JDM

"Seeing All New People at Stray Cat Theatre was one of the fastest 90 minutes of my life. Wow - very well done production! So glad I got to see it." - LP

"seriously great theater. seriously great play: All New People. If you haven't seen it, there's still time, but only 2 days great play. one of my all time favorites. - BF

"I HIGHLY recommend this show. I saw it on Thursday and it is very funny." - MG

"Kudos - one of my favorite productions to date. Thank you for an incredible evening of theatre." - DB

"This was a fast paced, funny & intelligent play. Highly recommended. Tip: pay attention to the British accent to not miss anything..." - JJ


"Took the grown-up son to see the drug-infused 'All New People' at the always inspiring Stray Cat Theatre. Loved it all over again! Such beautiful work by Joseph Kremer, Angelica Howland and the rest of the cast and crew." - SSJ


"Excellent job...! Loved the multimedia aspect of the play and great cast!" - KR

"Fantastic show!! Fabulously staged & acted! Thank you! Go see it!" - TP


"Saw Stray Cat Theatre's amazing production of @zachbraff's ALL NEW PEOPLE today. Locals get yourself to the show; brilliantly acted/directed." - MM

"It is clever, edgy and feels straight out of New York." - SS

"Amazing show! Great acting, must see!" - SR

"Just a great afternoon." - goldstar review

"Delightful, funny, engaging, well staged and well acted. Enjoyed enormously." - goldstar review

"Another boffo Stray Cat production. Don't miss it!" - RW

"...great play, well done. Ticket prices are very reasonable for live theatre of professional quality." - JF

"Such a great show!!!" - RW

"...such a lovely piece of theatre." - MS

"Loved it!!" - BN

"Remember that one time you heard about a really awesome party and you didn't go because you were scared or tired or fat or whatever? and then you heard it was OFF DA HOOK or something equally amazing and supes regretted not going? Yeah. Stray Cat Theatre's production of "All New People" by Zach Braff (Bee-Tee-Dubs) is just like that!" - WH

"Laughed hard!" - RW

"...very funny show...go see it!" - DB


"I attended Sunday's performance with friends. We certainly all enjoyed the production. Once again, All New People reinforces why Stray Cat is one of the most Valley's most interesting, dyanmic and talented companies." - RS

"Although I go to the theater often, I had never been to Stray Cat. I was definitely missing out. We came to the opening night of All New People and it just blew me away! Superb acting, awesome set, wonderful direction of fresh new material! Somber premise with hilarious execution! I loved every minute! Way to go! Well done! Can't wait to come back!" - MR

""All New People" at Stray Cat Theatre is a very powerful, strange, wacky, and meaningful show. So glad I got to see it. Powerhouse performances by all 4 actors!" - SSJ

"Stray Cat always does the best edgy, New York-centric theatre in town and I always enjoy their shows very much. This one is no exception. Great ensemble cast of 4 perform a surprisingly funny play. Worth seeing." - HC

"...Great performance. Especially Joe Kremer." - PL

"...I laughed and gasped at Stray Cat Theatre's hilarious ALL NEW PEOPLE last night with a full house. We left the theatre on a high (serious contact buzz). Congrats to the cast and crew...and thank you for giving me the delight of seeing my wife's jaw drop (did they really just say that?)." - DD

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND "All New People" at the Stray Cat Theatre - excellent performances, directing and production. Just go." - AL

"Caught the opening of All New People at Stray Cat Theatre last night. A great script with four great AZ actors. Lots of laughs and poignant when it should be. I don't want to give anything away, so let me just say, put this on your "to see" list." - BT

"Great show last night! Well done all! Season 12 is shaping up to be one of my all time favs!" - JW

" is hilarious!" - TS

"...engaging, thought provoking, disturbingly hilarious. I was absorbed into an awesome world! " - RF

"...a great show, very funny, great cast and directing" - CH

"...Too. Much. Fun. Catch it while you can." - MW