Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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Below are some of what people have been saying about OCTOPUS...

So enjoyed Octopus last night as did the rest of the audience apparently, giving it a well deserved standing ovation. I don't want to spoil anything by saying too much here. Just go see it without expectations and I think you may be delighted. We left with much to talk about, always a good sign. The acting was top notch. If you've been to other Stray Cat or Nearly Naked productions, then you may recognize these fine actors. The smaller role of the telegram guy stood out to me. He truly creeped me out. The set design was great and sitting in the front row, close to all the action, was especially fun. I'd see it again and I rarely want to see a play twice. Oh, and don't be late. Due to the adult nature of the show, they won't seat you if you are late. Frankly I wish that policy would be applied to all theater. - Kevin,

This show? This is what theater should be. Compelling story, with the assistance of a brilliant metaphor. Amazing set, with technical difficulty, but not so much that you think it's staged by James Cameron. Direction? Not so palpable that you can see it, but you sense its presence in all the best ways. And the acting? Strong performances by all 5 cast members, with the varying ages and experiences complimenting and bouncing off each other. Remarkable performances, remarkable show. - Brooke,

The talent being presented in Octopus is not to be missed. Every element of it- technically impressive, tender, sexy, cute, sad, hilarious, beautiful. A ride worth taking! Absolutely loved it. - ET

You don't want to miss "Octopus" at Stray Cat Theatre. Surprising, intimate, sexy, funny, and surreal with a terrific cast. Directed by Ron May. Go see it. - ML

OMG!! Saw Octopus last night...what a brilliant show! The acting is flawless and the story compelling! Love it!!!!!!! - LR

Just saw 'Octopus' at Straycat...Fantastic show. Go see it. Seriously. - SS

Wow! I still can't fully wrap my mind around the deep, sexually-charged emotional thriller that is Octopus. Such an incredible show. Make time. Go see it. You'll be glad you did! - JD

Despite STILL being drunk, it's important for me to insist you go see 'Octopus' at Stray Cat Theatre. The entire production, the play itself, is beautiful. Go now. - MV

Octopus is sexy. And scary. And sad. And beautiful. Don't miss it. - AH

Congratulations to the cast, director and designers of OCTOPUS at Stray Cat Theatre in Tempe, AZ. WOW! The show is take-no-prisioners raw, goose-bumpy, haunting and lovely. See it! - AMF

Gotta say, OCTOPUS at Stray Cat Theatre was INTENSE - a psycho, sexual, thoughtful thriller. - ML

cannot really express how moving octopus at stray cat was for me. I was literally trembling. sad, scary, beautiful. I hate gushing but damn people...this is a really powerful show. and it has a REEEEEALLY powerful message. I laughed, I cried, I said aloud "oh my god" and gasped more than a few times. this one is gonna stick with me quite awhile... - CW

Stray Cat Theatre's production of Octopus is brilliant. The acting, direction, sound, set and script come together for a riveting and moving show. Last night audience members were literally on the edge of their seats. Seriously - see this. - EC

Octopus at Stray Cat Theatre. Must. See. Go. Soon. Cuz they sold out on opening night. I'm guessing that's a precedent for the rest of the run. - MP

Went to see Octopus ..... Oh My GOD what a wonderful production probably the best thing I have seen in a long time ..... Go see this... the acting is perfect, the set is beautiful and the lights and sound design are amazing.... KUDOS to Ron May and the cast and crew - SL

..went to see Stray Cat Theatre's production of "Octopus" last night. You will be kicking yourself in the pants if you don't see this. - RH