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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've been thinking since last night about the best way to say this:

There are times when you feel so tremendously alone in your pain. You have a hard time relating to people because you don't think they can possibly understand all the hurt that you hold deep down inside. Last night was a transformative evening for me. I went to see Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat Theatre, and left a sobbing mess. It was a good sobbing mess. One that I've been holding in for far too long.

There were characters in this show that had the same exact fears I have. There were lines in the play that cut to the very core of me. They made me feel ashamed, and human, and well.

Most of you who will read this have likely already seen the show, or may not be "theatre people". All I know is that if you can, you SHOULD see this show. If you have lost someone you love recently, if you're afraid of losing someone you love, if you're unsure of how to cope with pain... you should see this show.

I'm honored to be a part of Stray Cat's history, and even more honored to be friends with the show's director, Ron May. The incredibly remarkable cast, every single one of them, were different shards of me. Do yourselves a favor and see this show if you can.