'Big, Gay Dance Party' a big, fun mess

Monday, May 23, 2011
Arizona Republic

Identity politics, media manipulation, randomized storytelling and "jazz hands": There's a heckuva lot going on in "Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party." Aaron Loeb's satire is a fast-moving mix of styles and tones - and Stray Cat Theatre's Arizona-premiere production is a bit of a mixed bag, too.

The intriguing script comments on the byzantine, back-stabbing worlds of politics and journalism, and it's ingeniously constructed as a complex layering of reveals. But while director Ron May squeezes plenty of laughs from it, some of the nuances of story and character get lost in jumble.

Despite these hiccups, though, "Dance Party" is worth seeing for its intelligent social commentary and fascinating plot structure. This production may be a little messy, but it's plenty of fun.

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