Saturday, November 13, 2021
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"Finally got to see Stray Cat Theatre’s Our Dear Dead Drug Lord and not even sure what to say other than this: Tomorrow nightis your last chance to catch it and it’s super worth it." - NJ

"We saw the show last night, it was fantastic and one of those pieces that really stays with you." - HRH

"That play was absolutely wonderful! All of the actors were brilliant and brought to life a strange and interesting story...I felt like I was a fly on the wall in that treehouse." - SV

"terrific production of a terrific play. I’m once again grateful stray cat brings the Valley challenging, ambitious, risky plays and applies high production values to their staging. They raise the artistic credibility of the whole theatre scene with what they do." - TS

"Loved it." - GB

"That was fucking brilliant. Loved it. Am sorry not more people there! Amazing stuff. - MM

"Don’t spend $$$ seeing a mediocre ‘Mean Girls’ 
Go see these amazing young actresses and a brilliant production for $20." - JW

“…be sure to read the content warning, because that ending kicked me in the FACE.” - KL

"I saw the show last night and omg. It was intense, beautiful, tragic, and everything in between. I had to hug Brooke after the show because it hit me hard. I CRIED...I fucking loved it. The women in the show were perfectly cast. And the end fucked my brain 2 ways from Tuesday." - ST

"I am grateful for Stray Cat Theatre. Always challenging, always exciting, always top-notch." - SH

"I was able to see Our Dear Dead Drug Lord at Stray Cat Theatre last night and I still have no words for what I saw. Go see this while you still can, but definitely don’t ignore all of the content warnings." - MS

"Just saw this. I was blown away." - HC

"Forgot to post last night, but my god, Our Dear Dead Drug Lord was phenomenal! Such an intense, funny, shocking and uniquely intriguing piece...Incredibly diverse and honestly a breath of fresh air in theatrical productions around this valley. Stray Cat has it’s inclusion HANDLED, and that makes me very excited to hopefully work with them in the future. The set design was immaculate, and everyone was PERFECTLY cast...If you have the chance to see this show, RUN to go see it." - BDG

"So so good." - SD

"Stray Cat continues to stage quirky, unpredictable shows that no other theatre in Phoenix would touch. Usually high production values, excellent performances from the cast, and a comfortable venue at the Tempe Center for the Arts. "Drug Lord" is not for those who are squeamish about gratuitous violence and it was kind to amply warn attendees in advance. That doesn't excuse the fact that the playwright's focus on the relationships of 4 teenage girls required these acts. It certainly delivers a powerful, yet disgusting, illustration of just how far the girls will go to be a part of the club. The actors, particularly Jasmyn Gade and Jazmyne Plantillas deliver very natural performances that felt very real. Be prepared to feel uneasy." - goldstar review

"Teen angst along with social mores of the time! Perfect segue for Halloween! Young actresses featured were excellent!" - LP

"Seriously fantastic opening night! Congrats to all of you. To quote the woman behind me at the end, “oh my God what the fuck?” That’s awesome." - RA

"Just wanted to let you know (my partner) absolutely LOVED the ending. She said it was SO empowering - it made her want to punch a man." - DM

"Why is that play so fucking good? I keep thinking about it. The final few minutes? This will easily go on my next top 10 Stray Cat list" - BU

“I want to say something about the show, but don’t really have the bandwidth to process what I saw last night. 
I fell in love with theatre as a glittery escapist fantasy, with showtimes and costumes. 
I am still learning the language of taking in theatre to be challenged. It was a very spooky uncomfortable night. I think that was the point? 
Anyway, the incredible young talent on that stage made me super proud of AZ. 
Go see it if you are up for a challenge.” - EM

"Saw OUR DEAR DEAD DRUG LORD at Stray Cat Theatre last night. It was 90 mins of incredibleness from beginning to end. I can’t put into words how amazing it was, but there’s only one word to describe it: FIERCE!…Congratulations to everyone involved in putting up one hell of a production." - MT

"We saw this over the weekend!  Really…..really amazing!!  Get to the Stray Cat Theatre and have a scary good time." - MM