Wednesday, October 6, 2021
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"For my friends that live in other states or folks here in town that just don't do theater,  SEE THIS SHOW! It was so good. I laughed harder than I have in the last 18 months." - DS

"It was amazing. I laughed nearly the whole way through it. The actor carried that show like it was nothing. The whole thing came together in one perfect package. One of the best shows I have seen." - BK

"Great performance! Thank you." - PC

"Oh my gosh. The way Michael Thompson works the fan, the party, the shoes, the kicks. The stage, so much energy, funny--so very funny with delivery of lines, and sounds, and facial/body and timing is marvelous. Just marvelous. The whole 90 minute show, colorful, bright and bold. It was one of those times I went alone to theatre, laughing hard and so wish I had a theatre companion to share the giddy feel of a great kick off to Stray Cat's return with this one person theatre treasure. Bravo Michael. Bravo Louis! Bravo all kits. Bravo Stray Cat!" - DL

"Michael Thompson just murdering it all from the very first (and perhaps only?) breath he takes, he is off to races and dragging you gleefully along behind him the entire way. So. Damn. Good. Go see it...Louis Farber directed the utter hell outta this. Wow!" - NJ

"Friends! You don't want to miss this fab show starring the sooooo, so, very funny Michael Thompson, excellently directed by  Louis Farber, produced by the awesome Stray Cat Theatre at Tempe Center for the Arts. And the scenic design by Douglas Clarke is glorious. #supportlocaltheatre #thoseshoestho #thepartyingmontageleftmedead #gottaseeittoknowwhatimean" - KM

"See this show!! Michael Thompson is a whirlwind of energy and knocks it out of the park. Louis Farber's direction is spot on perfection and the set is next level genius by Douglas Clarke. Stray Cat Theatre continues to be my favorite local theatre and they deserve our attention. Please support if you can!" - ST

"Go. Go. Go. Very thankful to see Michael Thompson last night in BRIGHT COLORS & BOLD PATTERNS by Drew Droege. The show was excellent and closes this weekend. Go. Go. Go. The story moves seamlessly, beat by beat, smooth and moving — total craft…a masterclass in acting + directing. Go. Go. Go. And for the playwrights, there’s so many moments in the writing, the techniques that were used, where I’ve heard writers say, “You can’t do that…that won’t work…that’s too confusing.” False. Go. Go. Go. Thank you, Stray Cat Theatre!" - JP

"Y’all, please don’t miss this production. I was more emotional hearing Ron May’s recorded curtain speech than I’ve been since theatre came back, and nothing has made my heart more full than watching Michael Thompson absolutely set that stage on fire. Go." - MS

"I went and was so blown away I had to bring my mom back with me so that I could see it again and she could enjoy the awesomeness. Amazing work from Michael! His acting and all the rest of the elements come together beautifully!" - MH

"I am not typically a fan of one-man shows. (And, I admit, I had no idea this was one when I purchased tickets.) HOWEVER, i was blown away by the talent of local actor Michael Thompson. The sheer stamina it took to be alone on stage for 90 minutes keeping the audience captivated the whole time is truly amazing. A funny, unique and entertaining show that I am grateful I was able to experience! (I only wish I could have seen what Gerry wore to the wedding.)" - KK

"My first night of Theater since the pandemic! “Bright Colors and Bold Patterns”  Michael Thompson was FABULOUS as Gerry, who for 90 Minutes commanded the stage in a one man show...Michael Thompson and The Set Designer, Douglas Clarke, both deserve Zonies. The set looks like something out of the #ModernPhoenixHomeTour with a #RalphHaver home. Best of all I felt safe attending my first theatrical performance since Covid, because, Tempe Center for the Arts, requires proof of vaccination and masking for every show.
If it’s good enough for Broadway it’s good enough for the Valley of the Sun! #TimeToBuySeasonTickets #straycattheatre" - BM

"Congrats to everyone involved with Bright Colors and Bold Patterns. The set was bright! (Can I have it, please?) Michael Thompson was Bold! Both together: Brilliance. Excellent direction by Louis Farber!" - TPB

"Brilliant captivating performance." - JDL

"The last play I saw before the pandemic was The Wolves at Stray Cat Theatre (I think on closing night even) so it filled my heart with joy welcoming them back tonight for the opening night of Bright Colors and Bold Patterns. From the first moments, I sat there swelling with pride to see Michael Thompson leading a one-man show with the audience eating out of the palm of his hands, thinking back to some I the work I saw him in a lifetime ago at ASU and his journey along the way. Congrats to everyone involved! Go check it out if you are able!" - TS

Bravo to Michael Thompson, Louis Farber, Ron May, and all the kittens down at Stray Cat Theatre for their production of "Bright Colors Bold Patterns". First of all, can we talk about the set??? Holy Shit!!! That set is sooo damn good, you're gonna want to move into it... I did! The show and Michael's performance made me laugh so hard that I couldn't breathe! And it felt great!!! What a wonderful night at the theatre!!! Get a ticket now... trust me!!!!" - PP

"Damn. Damn. Damn. My sides hurt from laughing. This is the heartfelt laugh and good time we’ve all missed that a great night at the theater can provide. Thank you, Stray Cat." - CH

"I am still laughing from the awesome fabulous wonderful genuine incredible performance by Michael Thompson at Stray Cat theater tonight! Kevin Hart wishes he was This! A Must See show at Tempe Center for the Arts!!!!!" - LR

"Great show…. Go see it!” - BR

"Our first date night in more than 18 months - went to Stray Cat Theatre at Tempe Center for the Arts to join others in the community (who are all fully vaxed and mask wearing) returning to a place we love and a ritual we adore in a place that feels like home. BRIGHT COLORS AND BOLD PATTERNS is a tour de force for Michael Thompson, a one-man hurricane on that beautiful set who tears it up (metaphorically) with one-liners and physical humor and camp for days but also drops the mask by the end. Congratulations Ron May Louis Farber Brooke Unverferth and the rest of the team for giving an audience those laughs when we so desperately need them and celebrating life in bold technicolor." - BJF

"Go see Stray Cat Theatre’s production”Bright Colors and Bold Patterns”. Michael Thompson is an energetic ball of big gay joy and I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling the whole time. Michael brings the character of Gerry to life in such a way I wanted to go out and stay up waaaayyyyy past my bed time (and I did) Michael manifested a character complex and vulnerable, crazy and brutally truthful. He is the friend that guides you on the path to that bad decision that becomes on of your best memories. I was happy to be back seeing a Stray Cat show and being among so many familiar faces and all the love filling the space was intoxicating. Go see some theatre especially this show you don’t want to miss Michael Thompson and his incredible performance. Thank you Stray Cat for bringing us home last night.❤️" - SL

'Michael was a ball of fire his performance was out of this world go see this performance it will lighten your evening and you will walk out smiling.  It was a fantastic show .  Thank you Ron and Louis for the great production and Michael for his unforgettable performance.❤️❤️' - YC

"Michael Thompson and Louis Farber combined their talent and created more amazingness at Stray Cat Theatre !  Ya gotta see this! " - EC

"I had the immense pleasure of watching Stray Cat Theatre 's Bright Colors & Bold Patterns. Michael Thompson is, again, spectacular! I'm so impressed by how the energy of this one man absolutely filled the stage and drew me in. I saw more of myself in his character than my therapist would say is healthy. Such a treat! And the set design was perfection!" - JD

"Saw it last night. Absolutely brilliant!" - AA

"I was there today. It was phenomenal!!" - CM

"This show was so good!! If you’re up for live theatre right now, check it out! It’s a fabulous one man show." - DD

“Never laughed so hard during a play.  The actor is a genius.  The play has a theme we can all identify with.  20.00 dollars well spent for an evening of laughter and inner reflexion.” - DC

"Incredible performance that had the entire audience eating it up like Sunday Brunch. Michael showcased what they do best." - BM

"Beautifully done and hysterically funny. The mid-century modern house was perfect; I felt like I was in Palm Springs of the mind. Powerful performance! Great to see a (safely) packed theatre of people laughing." - JM

"Michael Thompson leads a tour-de-force 1 man show performance and emotional roller coaster that takes you from crazed to tender in the span of 90 minutes. The author, Drew Droege, is pretty smart, fast, and funny with his dialogue. It is a good time - a glimpse in the life of this character. I would definitely recommend seeing it." - DB

"Amazing talent!" - PD

"What I've been waiting for for 18+ months: the return of Stray Cat Theatre! Go see "Bright Colors and Bold Patterns"!" - HC

"Stray Cat Theatre is back! Direction by Louis Farber  is flawless and the set depicts Palm Springs so well! One man cast is perfection in Michael Thompson! 90 minutes of non-stop dialogue touches all the emotions!" - LP

"Loved it ! Bravo!" - WC

"Saw another outstanding production at Stray Cat theatre. Our first live theatre since 2020! It had only one person in the cast. The part of Gerry was played by the very talented Michael Thompson; Douglas Clarke did an outstanding job on the set design, and Louis Farber did incredible work directing Thompson. All-in-all a terrific production!" - BO