‘Anything You Hear’ mixes laughter and suspense

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Arizona Republic

Stray Cat Theatre’s “Anything You Hear and Only Half of What You See” is sort of Quentin Tarantino Lite — but not in a bad way. The world-premiere play by Arizona’s own Ron Hunting doesn’t have all the gore and the F-bombs, but it revels in witty wordplay as it finds humor in the midst of lethal danger. David Weiss stars as George, an unassuming mailman who finds himself tied up in a warehouse to be interrogated by professional killers who need to know if he happened to have witnessed a murder while walking his route in the West Valley. In addition to the dark comedy, this is a story driven by plot twists, so we won’t spoil them here. But director Louis Farber and his cast do a fine job balancing laughs with genuine suspense...Most important, the climax delivers a hugely entertaining payoff. “Anything You Hear” goes out with a bang."