Season 2022-2023

by Jeremy O. Harris
directed by Damon J Bolling
Tempe Center for the Arts Studio Theatre
February 24 - March 11, 2023

hey friends.

in our 21 seasons of producing we have only once had to cancel a production and it was due to the unforeseen zombie plague. well…leave it to zombie plague fallout to prompt our second.

as we recently headed into production on SLAVE PLAY - if you know the show, you know it’s a unique animal. one that is loaded with more sensitive, adult, potentially triggering content than most. and that content is then loaded with undertones of sexual violence and racial tension. the questions the play raises are vital ones and we stand by the importance of doing the work. but. we have always said while we are here to put on plays, not cure the world’s problems - the safety of our teams and artists will always take precedence. with that in mind, as a producing entity, we cannot confidently say we have the resources necessary to pull this off in a safe manner for all involved at this time. granted, there has been some baptism by fire as some of the things are new-ish to us - but the amount of time we have spent trying to secure the proper infrastructure to continue and the amount of time remaining simply aren’t adding up. so unfortunately, we are cancelling our upcoming production of SLAVE PLAY in hopes of rescheduling it in a future season. we will continue to work to get that infrastructure in place - which will include the availability of both an intimacy coordinator and a cultural coordinator for every rehearsal, the availability of a lobby resource of a person or persons skilled in handling trauma responses as we know the show is two solid hours of hot buttons being pushed, and a more robustly and appropriately diverse production team. there are a handful of other considerations but those are the mount everests at present.

SO WHAT HAPPENS NOW? we WILL have something programmed in its place. what that looks like is still being explored but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we do. whatever takes place will continue to honor the commitment we made when we planned the original season.

WHAT IF I HAVE TICKETS? if you have purchased tickets already, your tickets will automatically be refunded. any questions please contact the TCA box office at 480-350-2822.

DOES THIS MEAN YOU’RE CLOSING? absolutely not. our season closer, FAIRVIEW, will continue exactly as planned. and there WILL be replacement programming in lieu of SLAVE PLAY.

i’m here - we’re here - if you have any questions.

thank you for your support. thank you for your understanding. and here’s to the future… and moving safely to what happens next.

ron may
Founding Artistic Director
Stray Cat Theatre

Tickets for our 21st season will be available on a show-by-show basis.

Season tickets are offered as benefits of donating beginning at the $500 level.