Green Day’s American Idiot by Stray Cat Theatre

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Tempe Tourism Blog


Anything that Stray Cat Theatre does, I want to be there. This indie theatre company has been around since 2001 and in the past few years, Tempe has been their home base. They bring both original works and some of the freshest, most contemporary plays to metro Phoenix. Their shows can be funny, tragic, shocking and thought provoking, usually all at the same time. Ron May, Artistic Director, is a genius in my humble opinion with his killer combination of creative vision and a wicked sense of humor.

Stray Cat Theatre is closing their 14th season with Green Day’s American Idiot, the first local production of this Tony Award-winning musical. This is also the first production in their new home, the Tempe Center for the Arts. Yes, times change and so do venues. In this case, it’s quite an upgrade. This theatre company seemed right at home in their new spot and from what I hear, tickets are selling like hotcakes.

You have until July 16, 2016 to see their production of American Idiot. Relying on very little dialogue, the music and lyrics are used to tell the story of teenage rage, love, mistakes and growing up. You’ll dance in your seat and you’ll feel just about every emotion under the sun. If you do one thing today, buy tickets for this show. It is absolutely outstanding. Here’s why I loved it so much.